The ‘winner’ of the £195m Euromillions jackpot has written a letter to a Bargain Booze shop in England to set the record straight by claiming to be based in Paisley.


The massive jackpot was claimed by one lucky ticket holder in the UK following the draw on July 20. Almost immediately after the winnings were claimed, residents and shopkeepers in Formby near Liverpool found themselves embroiled in the talk that the winning ticket was bought in their town. The quaint seaside town in Merseyside was gripped by the rumour, which spread like wildfire, that it was responsible for a person winning the life-changing amount in the pan-European Lottery. The rumour gained momentum after a shopkeeper at a local Bargain Booze in town told The Liverpool Echo that she was “sure” she had sold the multi-million-pound ticket to the lucky individual. The shopworker communicated to the daily newspaper a week after the winnings were claimed:


“I’m sure I sold [the winning ticket]. I remember serving one lad, I looked at the ticket, and the numbers just looked right. Our boss is on holiday, and we haven’t heard anything from Camelot about whether we were the ones to sell it.”


However, since the events unfolded, the Bargain Booze shop has received a mysterious handwritten letter from an anonymous person claiming to be the lucky winner of the famous Euromillions jackpot.


The Euromillions is a transnational lottery that is played across nine European countries. It offers enormous prizes and requires seven correct numbers to win the jackpot. The lottery was launched in 2004 by France’s Française des Jeux, Spain’s Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, and the United Kingdom’s Camelot. The draws take place every Tuesday and Friday in the evenings with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €17 million, which can roll over up to an impressive €240 million. Players can claim prizes only in the country where the lottery ticket was purchased. A minimum age requirement of 18 years is mandatory to participate in the Euromillions lottery.


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It’s no surprise that the anonymous letter sent by the alleged Euromillions winner generated quite a buzz. Since the chat with the Liverpool Echo, and the arrival of the mysterious letter at Bargain Booze with the ‘winner’ claiming that the ticket was bought in Scotland instead of Merseyside, the topic has drawn a lot of attention. Sources from Camelot have declared that the company can neither confirm nor deny the location of where the jackpot winning ticket was bought.


The letter dedicated to Bargain Booze said:


“Dear Bargain Booze, I don’t know where you got the idea that the Euromillions ticket was bought in your shop. I am that winner and bought the ticket in Paisley.


The letter was signed off with the words. “Just for the record! Mr. J.U.”