What can you tell whether a company that moves you is legit?

There are numerous reasons why moving can create stress. The possibility of fraud when moving should not be on your radar. If you decide to hire a moving company it is essential to check if a moving company is legitimate to make you confident in their ability to handle your relocation and your valuables with care. If you don’t conduct your research prior to time, you run the danger of working with untrustworthy moving companies that employ a range of tactics to steal your money if you don’t conduct your due diligence before your move.

Unfortunately, fraudulent movers are still a problem. They’re active from May through September which is when the best time for moving occurs. Professional and licensed movers are the most demanded at this time of year for obvious reasons. Here is a list of warning signs to help you avoid falling for scams and experiencing a bad experience.

The main difference between movers who are trustworthy from scam

Avoid being scammed on the day of your move. It is essential to confirm the authenticity of any firm before hiring them. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour to verify the existence of a company. This security check could be a huge help in avoiding problems later on. These are the warning signs your moving company might display.

Unbelievably low-interest rates

Large down payments are a red flag, but so do very low rates for moving and both are questionable. It is expensive to move. This is because the business must pay its staff, as well for car maintenance, petrol, tax, and other expenses. Check out the prices you get from other companies in order to make sure you’re receiving a fair cost. Frauds can include increasing the cost at the final minute and bets that you won’t be able to locate a replacement provider in a short time.

Cash is the only acceptable payment method

In certain cases, the option of paying your moving company in cash might offer you the best price. If the movers refuse to take cash payments that is a red flag. Credit card transactions are recorded and could be challenged if something goes wrong. Inexpensive movers that have been certified will accept many payment methods including credit cards.

Time management problems

Be cautious of movers who constantly try to change the date or time of your move. Another indicator to tell if something is wrong is when the team arrives late or does not give an estimate. Although it is understandable for there to be a limited amount of delays or reschedules even for movers who are reliable, however, the majority of these problems could point to fraud.

A significant initial deposit

Most licensed and reputable movers only require a small down payment when you reserve. In actuality some moving companies do not even need a down payment; instead, you pay for the service in full after it is completed. If they insist on a higher first payment, it’s likely that the company you are dealing with is fraudulent.

There are a lot of negative movers reviews

Before selecting a moving company It is crucial to check the reviews first. Many negative reviews show their services are not top-quality. Also, you should look for reviews with a high percentage of positive reviews because this could mean that the reviewers are not genuine.

Find out what makes moving companies reliable and trustworthy

It is vital to know what is required for a moving company to be considered a legitimate company. A legitimate moving company must be registered and licensed by the State Department of Transportation (FMCSA):

  • Movers who operate across state lines. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires a valid license from any long-distance certified movers that intend to transfer goods across state lines. Every interstate mover receives a USDOT number as evidence of their registration completed properly.
  • Moving companies located in the same state you. Local companies must obtain a state department of transport movers license to do business legally in the state. In contrast to out-of-state moving companies, instate movers are not able to operate beyond the geographical limits of their home state.

The USDOT number is used by the federal government to keep track of the safety record of a moving company. This includes ratings, evaluations, and inspections, as well as investigations into accidents. The person who is shipping home items should be cautious about whether or not a moving company has a USDOT number since this indicates a genuine company and is the most vital aspect. If an interstate moving business is registered with a USDOT number, it means that the company is recognized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and that it adheres to strict federal regulations concerning safety and security, is properly insured, and is accountable in the event that clients have issues or complaints.

Moving with reputable movers is the best solution for your future move

You will notice that moving any kind of property is subject to rules and regulations. If you pick one of the reputable moving companies, you won’t have any issues. After you’ve completed your research, do not ask for a price from only one moving provider. It is recommended to contact at least three different companies to receive an estimate at your residence. You can then select the one that best suits your requirements and budgetary limitations.


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