Since the world changed dramatically during the pandemic, people need to use means for remote communication in business. And if at the beginning of this chaos, people used something random, nowadays the market is full of offers. So how do you choose a video conferencing software, and why are iMind reviews self-explanatory?

Demand for video conferencing

People need video conferencing for several reasons:

  • first, keep up with the modern rhythm of life, which suggests a busy schedule;
  • second, save their time and money on travel and other issues arising from the necessity of being physically present;
  • third, people appreciate comfort;
  • fourth, video conferencing gives more opportunities for fast and hassle-free information exchange.

These reasons are relevant as never before, and the more technologies develop, the more interest arises. 

The main peculiarities to consider

Choosing or changing a video conferencing platform, keep in mind some aspects that will help your work run smoothly. Among those aspects, we consider the following the most significant:

  • What options for different users a platform offers? For example, the iMind app provides numerous business opportunities, but it is still comfortable for private use. 
  • How much does it cost? And does the price correspond to the functionality provided? For example, most platforms concentrate on high-quality video and sound, but not all of them provide background noise suppression or visual authorizing. 
  • Is it available for various devices? The more opportunities to join your team have – the better.
  • Does the platform update frequently or rarely, and how well the latest versions work? Reviews help to understand better.

The main points are always logical – they can route you to more specific questions to clarify.

Benefits of iMind

The iMind app has some significant distinctions that made it an industry leader in the spring of 2022 (according to G2 reviews). They have four plans for various business sizes, and among its basic functions, you can benefit from:

  • up to a hundred participants in a group meeting;
  • infinite possibilities for recording, saving, and sharing your conferences;
  • creating up to 10 conferences in a free plan;
  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • user-friendly interface allowing you to create, manage and customize your meeting rooms.

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Video conferencing is not complicated to integrate, but it’s also not that simple. But if you consider the crucial points, you can facilitate these issues. The iMind platform is to make this process even smoother, so don’t hesitate to take your chance!