The best sofas don’t come cheap. Some folks spend a fortune on furniture for their living rooms, which is why keeping a couch in good condition is essential.


If the seats begin to sag after a few years, or perhaps the frame breaks down,  you’ll be forced to replace your old sofa with a new one. This can cause a lot of frustration among consumers, especially when a person spends top-dollar on a quality sofa that only lasts a couple of years. 


Typically, a new sofa should last between seven to fifteen years. However, some homeowners have had their sofas for over thirty years. So how do these people extend the lifespan of a couch?


Hire a Pro

Some professional cleaning companies provide an upholstery cleaning service. Reputable companies that offer this service will be able to help your sofa last longer. Those who hire a professional sofa cleaning company tend to get several years out of their couches.


However, not all cleaning companies clean sofas. Professionals will have the proper tools on hand to ensure the dust and dirt stuck in the sofa’s fabric gets removed. People working at reliable cleaning companies will have undergone training, so they will know how to safely clean their client’s sofas, plus, they will know how to use tools and cleaning products needed to carry out the job.


Before hiring a cleaning company to clean and protect your sofa, consider reading reviews posted online. Genuine reviews can give insight into what it is like to deal with the cleaners, how much they charge, and the time it takes to clean the sofa properly. 

Take care of the armrests

When all the chairs in your living room are occupied, you might be tempted to sit on the armrest. Although you might think that the sofa’s frame is strong, if you sit on the armrest regularly, expect it to break at some stage. At the end of the day, they are called armrests for a reason!


Most young kids enjoy jumping up and down on sofas. Playing on a sofa on a regular basis, especially if the children like to jump from the armrest, can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the sofa. If you want your sofa to remain in good condition, make sure children are not allowed to play on it. 


Vacuum the sofa 

You should vacuum your sofa at least once a week. Although standard household vacuums struggle to remove dust and debris lodged deep into a sofa’s material, most vacuums will help to get rid of most of the particles that can damage your couch. During the cleaning process, keep an eye out for sharp objects that might damage the material. A slight tear can cause long term damage to your furniture.


If your household vacuum is unable to remove dirt in your sofa, you might want to consider asking a professional for advice. Some cleaners have access to powerful industrial vacuums that might help get the job done. 


Keep the sofa away from direct sunlight

The sun can also damage your sofa. If it is placed in direct sunlight in an area in your living, don’t be surprised if the color starts to fade and the material looks worn after a short period of time. 


If you don’t have a lot of space in your living room, invest in a cover to keep the couch protected from the sunlight. You’ll find covers readily available in most furniture stores. There are tons of sofa covers available online too. You should have no problems finding a cover that will suit your living room’s decor. 


Ask for advice

Don’t hesitate to ask the employees working at the furniture store where you bought the sofa for advice. They will be able to give you information about how you can maintain the sofa, and the different types of cleaning products you should use. 


Most sofa manufacturers have official websites. They often publish details about maintaining their products on their social media page and their website. If you are struggling to find the information needed about your sofa online, consider making direct contact with the company. 



After a hard day’s work, theres nothing better than relaxing on a sofa with your loved ones. However, maintaining a piece of furniture that gets used a lot can prove challenging. Follow the tips above to help keep your sofa in good shape. If you think your sofa’s days are numbered, it might be time to hire a professional. You’ll be amazed at what some cleaning companies can do with old sofas. So before bringing it to the dump, ask a professional to take a look at your sofa. You might be able to salvage it, and save a lot of cash by not having to replace it with a brand new one! 


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