Electric Cars are more widespread than ever, because they are cheaper to operate and emit no pollutants. There are numerous options now if you’re searching for a car – no matter if you want a huge and luxurious SUV, a family hatchback for the city, or anything else. Electric automobiles have lately hit the automarket.

However, it doesn’t matter what type of car you drive if you don’t have a reliable service where you can take it for diagnostics. Сar scanning and diagnostics will help you to detect problems in the functional systems of the auto in advance and avoid further problems. You will save money if you utilize a car workshop run by high-qualified specialists because everything will be done correctly at the first time. The car service must also have the appropriate high-tech tools. Poor equipment means that the issue cannot be precisely identified, the car repair cannot be done properly, and you will have to pay more money in another place.

Now let’s go back to electric cars. Here is our list of the best of them in a wide price range.


Many people adore this car because of its fascinating retro appearance. The vehicle has a 111 horsepower electric motor and is constructed on an EV chassis. Fiat has a top speed of 140 km/h and can reach 100 km/h easily in 9.1 seconds. Regenerative braking enables the recovery of some of the energy used during motion.

The 97-cell lithium-ion battery that powers the electric automobile provides its energy. Energy may be replenished from 220 V in 4 hours. The dashboard shows its status. Fast charging is not an option. The Fiat 500 e has a range of up to 140 kilometers.

The typical corporate insignia has been replaced on the front of the hatchback with a huge “500” sign. The interior of the electric automobile has high-quality soft upholstery and an innovative color scheme that combines orange with the traditional hues of white and black. The 500 Electric comes with a cloth roof that can be folded back for driving outside.

The success of this vehicle implies that those who doubt the potential of electric vehicles may be mistaken.


The Q4 E-tron is Audi’s most inexpensive electric SUV and could be a great option if you’re looking for a high-end family car. Thanks to its numerous trim options and 3 alternative powertrains, the Q4 E-tron suits a variety of needs and wallets. All models have outstanding handling and rapid acceleration, even if the driving experience is more focused on comfort than thrill.

The quality of the cabin is comparable to much more luxury cars. You’ll also receive exquisite materials and an excellent entertainment system in addition to the newest automotive technology. A four-person family will easily travel in this car. Although a more expensive version may travel nearly 320 miles on a single battery charge, battery capacity begins at roughly 205 miles.


This is an all-wheel drive supercar with a potent gasoline-electric powertrain, not a totally electric vehicle. The brand’s first serial hybrid that receives its power from outside sources is this one. The vehicle has the most potent V8 supercharged Ferrari engine available. Three electric motors are also present. The vehicle has incredible characteristics and a top speed of 340 km/h.

The manufacturer used keyless entry technology in this model. The innovation will be offered in a more subdued silver hue in addition to the customary brilliant red tint. Because the car is expensive, you need to carefully consider buying a Ferrari before making a decision.