An engagement ring is among your most valuable items. You need to give it maximum care. This ensures that you keep it in perfect shape for a long period. You wouldn’t want to damage your pricey diamond.

It is in most cases among the most expensive jewelry you own and it may be your first time experiencing it. So this article brings you some of the best ways to take care of your most valued ring. The following are the best care tips for your engagement ring you need to know:

1. Clean it regularly 

You don’t need to wait for a long time to clean your ring but you have to do it regularly. For example, you can always wipe off any dirt or dust every day after work, which maintains its fine look. If you leave the dirt to build up on your engagement ring, then it is likely not to live up to its potential.

Best of all, the cleaning process for your ring is quite simple. You need a mug of water, then add a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent. Drop your engagement ring into the mixture and leave it for a minute. This is recommended to do at least every 2 weeks as it completely removes all the dirt.

2. Take it Off When Going for Some Activities

You need to be more cautious when going for some activities because you can easily damage your engagement ring. The stones can crack or pop out easily when exposed to rigorous activities.

So if you have a more delicate ring, then you don’t need to wear it when playing golf or tennis. You can go ringless for some time to keep your beautiful Moissanite rings safe. You can also remove it while going to sleep.

3. Insure Your Engagement Ring

It is recommended to ensure your ring as soon as possible. You can visit any trusted insurance company and choose a suitable plan for it. Moreover, keep the purchase receipt safe as it helps in the valuation of your engagement ring.

All this ensures that in case of any risk, your pricey ring can be replaced. Well, even if you aren’t going to propose now, you still have to ensure the ring is on the safe side.  

4. Invest in Ring Dishes

You need to keep ring dishes around your house, especially in places where you may need to take them off. This ensures that you don’t misplace it when the time comes and you have to go ringless. Some of these places include the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, among others.

It saves you from one of the most challenging situations of losing a pricey ring in your house. This can give you a big task of searching every room in your home and you may lose it for good. 

Take Care of Your Ring

You need to take good care of your Moissanite rings to keep them in the best shape for a long time.


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