Canada is a country that is well-known for gambling. Some of the most famous gamblers in the world come from there.

In the early days of gambling, only a few people were interested. But with the introduction of online casinos in Canada, it is now well-liked. Many players have seen that they can enjoy games from the comforts of their homes and win easy money. 

Now, many casino games and events are hosted around the world. Poker is one of the most commonly watched events. Below is a list of some of the most famous poker players in Canada. 


Daniel Negreanu

Many fans and players alike know him as the most famous poker player from Canada. Through his reputation, he has inspired people to take part in casino games, especially poker. He competes in many of the world’s most prestigious tournaments, both online and offline. He has many accomplishments, including being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Although he was born in Toronto, he grew up in Canada and has helped change the way people think about the game. He started playing as early as 1997 when casinos were still relatively unknown.

Daniel Negreanu has earned millions of dollars in cash and trophies over the course of his career. He also has many awards and titles to his name. Daniel has attributed his success to knowing his flaws and working on them. He also works hard and quickly adapts to developments in the casino sector and the rest of the world.


Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel was born in Quebec. He is known for his massive win at the main event of the world series of poker(WSOP) in 2010. He was the first Canadian to do this. After his 2010 win, he obtained titles in 2015 and 2017. So far in his career, he has amassed about C$23 million in cash and prizes. With his wins, he contributes to the lives of disadvantaged youths in his community.

Some people may have a significant win once and become inactive. But when he got this win, he still continued to work hard and remain in the spotlight. He promoted the game everywhere he went. This is why Johnathan Duhamel is considered one of Canada’s most famous professional poker players.


Kara Scott

Kara is one of the most popular female players in Canada. She is not a new face in the industry. She formerly worked as a reporter for tournaments such as the WSOP. Her remarkable performance in the 2009 Irish Open has made her a household name. She was the runner-up and has a sponsorship contract with 888, despite not winning.

She competed in the 2008 and 2009 editions and was the only woman to cash out both times. So far, she has been able to earn over C$800,000  

She is incredibly passionate about the game, which is something that many fans admire.

Despite the fact that she is the only female on this list, the industry has many more notable females.


Sam Greenwood

This is also another one of the most famous card players from Canada. He is a man of many skills. Before entering poker, he traded stocks, and now alongside the game, he owns a popular blog where he reviews a wide range of films. 

Even though he started playing games online, he is known in both the online and offline world. He also participates in many of the world’s most prestigious tournaments. He has a long list of victories, including a win of over C$2 million in the 2018 Monte Carlo European Poker Tour (EPT).

Many fans admire Sam because he contributes to his community. He has a website called Run it once, where he advises beginner players on how to improve their game. He also has a consistent game strategy that he improves on time after time.

Gavin Smith

Gavin Smith was born in Ontario and began playing poker when he was 26 years old. He started at such a young age and is one of the few people to do so. Smith made his debut in 2005, winning the Mirage poker showdown and earning over C$1 million. He also has a long list of other titles and earnings to his name. Hold’em was his specialty and his strategy and perseverance helped him win consistently.

Sadly, he passed away in 2019, and the WSOP has been renamed the Gavin Smith Memorial Tournament in his honour.



Poker is a beautiful game enjoyed and loved by many. All the players mentioned in this list are some of the most successful gamblers. They are all incredible in their craft. Some of them are still active, while a few have taken a break in their careers. But one way or the other, they love the game and are ambassadors wherever they go.