In the coronavirus and other prevailing diseases era more and more people start paying attention to their own lifestyle.  During the two years of the pandemic, and thanks to remote work, many people had more time to be physically active, eat healthily, and generally redirect their lives to make them more healthy.

However, after nearly two years in face masks and working at home, returning to the pre-Covid reality may prove to be more difficult than we thought. This is not an easy task for our bodies, working remotely and separating ourselves from people have significantly reduced our exposure to the exchange of bacteria, which can now strike with double force. That is why it is worth taking care of increasing immunity in advance, in order to enjoy health and full strength later.

What is immunity?

Immunity is nothing more than our own personal shield that protects us from viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. Whether we react to the virus with a fever, worse mood, or maybe it will not affect us at all is dependent on it. It is not without reason that small children, facing their first diseases, have to deal with them one after another in order to slowly build their own immune shield year by year.

Developing good body protection guarantees us a lower risk of diseases and subsequent complications after any illnesses.

What does immunity depend on?

This is in reality the whole story of our life. It begins with the genes passed on to us by our parents, they give us the basis on which we build our immune system. The rest depends on us, how we take care of our body, whether we eat healthy, whether we regularly exercise, but also what bacteria and viruses we had to deal with in the past and how many diseases we are now exposed to. There is a reason why certain professionals that have regular contact with germs become ill much more often, doctors and teachers, especially those working with younger children.

How to take care of immunity?

Even if we get sick often and barely recover from one disease, and we catch another one, it doesn’t mean that we can’t work on ourselves. There are many ways to strengthen your immunity. In addition to the already mentioned healthy diet full of vitamins and physical activity, it is also worth paying attention to how many hours of sleep we provide to our body. The recommended 8 hours provides our body with adequate recovery and strength to fight all microorganisms. Reducing stress and taking care of our mental state will also be a positive, as long-term stress leads to weakening of the body and disrupts its work, and may also cause sleep problems.

Let us not forget about proper vitamin supplementation, we can search for them in natural products, but also take advantage of the opportunities offered by the current dietary supplement market. The choice of companies and products is really wide, but the Immunity supplement ( by YourSecretIs brand, containing 24 vitamins and minerals, is worth paying attention to, it supports our body on a daily basis, both in supplementing deficiencies in our body and also improves immunity.