Bitcoin is one of the biggest emerging technologies that we are hearing about today. It has made some grand claims about its applicability, and how modern society can move forward with it as a new main currency.

One of the main industries that has attracted the use of Bitcoin is the casino industry. These Bitcoin casinos are attracting new customers at a surprising rate, and it is really interesting to see it develop. Today, we’re going to look at some of the main reasons Bitcoin casinos are attracting new customers. 

Let’s get started. 

  1. Speed 

One of the best things about Bitcoin and crypto in general when compared with traditional casino and banking methods is how fast it is. In many situations, deposits and withdrawals can get stuck in queues, and take days or even weeks to process. 

With Bitcoin, you simply do not have this problem. For one thing, the entire process is quicker and smoother in the first place. You only need a deposit address and your own wallet, rather than many layers of verification. 

Then the payment itself is usually processed in less than a minute. There is simply no comparison, here, with traditional methods!

  1. Security 

While we all love speedy transactions, it’s natural to get concerned about the security of such a quick network. The fact is, though, that one of the main reasons customers are flocking to Bitcoin casinos is that they are far more secure than traditional online casinos. 

When it comes to your Bitcoin wallet, it really need not contain a single piece of your personal data. Around 1,200 data breaches are reported every year, and that number is going up. Whenever this happens, the sensitive data of every user on that platform is at risk. 

With bitcoin casinos, there is no danger of this. There is no need to store any information on these sites to begin with, so there is never anything at risk. 

With all of us more concerned than ever with security, it makes sense that Bitcoin casinos are attracting new customers. 

  1. Low fees

Though we don’t always think about it, there are a lot of hidden fees associated with making frequent transfers to and from online casinos. While these may not seem like a lot, they can build up over time. 

With Bitcoin, while there are still fees, they are enormously lower. One extremely large transaction will give you an idea—on a Bitcoin transaction worth around $19 million USD, the transaction fee was less than $1. 

So, for most transactions, the fee is basically negligible. 

This is great news for casino goers, as we can now bet online without the worry about high fees and costs. This is another of the main reasons Bitcoin casinos are attracting new customers. 

  1. Bonuses 

Bonuses and promotions have been a mainstay of online casinos and betting for a good while now. They are one of the best ways that sites can compete with each other, by offering increasingly attractive bonuses for joining. These take many forms, but most often look something like you get £50 of free bets for your first £10 deposit. 

While these are on offer in more or less all online casinos, Bitcoin casinos have been able to offer even more lucrative bonuses. You may even get an extra bonus for using Bitcoin over other traditional methods. 

Bitcoin casinos are able to offer these incentives because they are attracting customers at such an incredible rate. If you are out looking for the best bonuses, you may well find them on Bitcoin gambling sites. It’s clear to see why this would attract new customers. 

  1. Geographical limitations 

All traditional banks ultimately are controlled and regulated by a single government. If you want to use their services to transfer money to a particular site, then you will almost certainly be restricted by where you are in the world. 

Bitcoin wallets do not have this problem. They are completely decentralised, meaning they are not controlled by any authority. So, if you wanted to bet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you can do so. 

So, one of the reasons Bitcoin casinos are attracting so many new customers is because customers from previously region-locked areas are now able to participate in the games.  Canada BTC casinos, being present in online gambling niches, has already earned the trust of many players.

With no limits on where you are, you can use Bitcoin to bet on pretty much anything, any time. 

Bitcoin casinos clearly have a great deal to offer the world of gambling, then. There are plenty of reasons why these casinos are always attracting new customers, and we have just looked at the main ones today. As the technology continues to develop, we can only expect that the reasons will continue to multiply, and people will continue to join the craze.