When people think of Scotland, usually they imagine the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, the castles, the gloomy vibe of the cities, and the impressive historical background it carries. However, they often overlook another significant element without which the country would not be the same! You might not take notice the first time you visit, but Scotland is crawling with bridges and viaducts, and most of them are worth the trip it takes you there, just for the sake of crossing one. So, here are the most stunning bridges in Scotland. 


Glenfinnan Viaduct

Without a doubt and competition, the most famous bridge in Scotland is the Glenfinnan Viaduct. If the name tells you nothing, one picture and you will understand its popularity immediately.  

Glenfinnan is movie-famous, so much that people pick out any Scotland trains just to be able to cross the viaduct. This is the very well-known bridge from the Harry Potter series, and believe us, you will feel like you are well on your way to Hogwarts, what with the magical landscape of the Scottish Highlands behind your window. Glenfinnan is number one for both the sights and the experience! 


Sligachan Bridge, Isle of Skye

With the stunning background of the Cuillin Mountains, the Sligachan Bridge has that Scottish ruggedness about it, primarily due to the surroundings. Well, you will have to visit to see what we mean!

Built between 1810 and 1818, the bridge serves as an important junction between Portree and the west coast route to Dunvegan and Bracadale. Sligachan also connects the Cuillin Mountains and Loch Sligachan, so obviously, it has more purpose than just standing as the perfect element to the panorama of the Isle of Skye and Cuillin Mountains! 

Actually, the legend says that if you dip your face into the water underneath the bridge and hold it for seven seconds, it will grant you eternal beauty! 


Stirling Old Bridge

Well, it even has it in the name. Stirling Old Bridge was constructed in the 1400s, and its age shows yet agrees with it beautifully. Not only does it go perfectly with the Scottish scenery, but Stirling Old Bridge is also extremely important, history-wise. On September 11, 1297, it served as a battlefield in the First War of Scottish Independence. So, you will get to stand at the same place the Scottish Army of William Wallace defeated King Edward I and his forces. And isn’t that exciting? Now, you do not have to be a history buff to enjoy such a fact, so, hopefully, you are on your way to check tours to Scotland to get to Stirling as soon as possible! 


Skye Bridge

Located on the same Isle of Skye as the Sligachan Bridge, the Skye Bridge is yet another one of great importance; however, this time not as a historical presence. 

Up until 1992, the only way to reach Skye was by crossing on ferries, which was quite frustrating and inconvenient. But, of course, everything changed with the appearance of this new, a modern-looking curvy bridge taking connecting Kyle of Lochalsh and the lovely island of Eilean Ban. And as an additional plus, Skye Bridge is now toll-free since there were concerns raised about the fees back in 2004. 

If you like driving and road-tripping, crossing the Skye Bridge will be enjoyable for you! Take in the marvelous landscape around you and enjoy the Scottish breeze! 


Forth Rail Bridge

One of the most recognized landmarks in the country, the Forth Rail Bridge is a bridge of intricate architecture and an eye-catching exterior. It carries the railway lines, and around 200 trains cross the bridge every day, meaning that it carries thousands of people every day! It also crosses the Firth of Forth, carrying passengers anywhere between Edingburgh and the Kingdom of Fife. 

Very quickly acknowledgeable to the public with its striking red color, Forth Rail is also a bridge of many friends. Like what you hear? 

Well, actually, the Forth Rail Bridge connects and crosses with a couple of others – Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing. Between the three, they span three countries and are essential for comfortable navigation in Scotland! 


Well, well! That is all for the most beautiful and famous bridges in Scotland. However, five is plenty, what with them being scattered in different cities all around the country. So, make sure to visit them and use our itinerary to look for inspiration while looking for new ones. Then, it is time to cross that bridge and go explore Scotland!