Chronic tiredness, or so-called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in medical terms, is a complicated disorder. It’s accompanied by extreme fatigue that may last for six  months or even more. What’s important, doctors can’t explain this tiredness by any underlying medical condition.

Some other symptoms of CFS include unrefreshing sleep, memory issues, headaches, problems with focus and concentration, dizziness and muscle pain. Until now, the causes of chronic exhaustion are unknown. However, there are many theories trying to explain this condition. They vary from psychological stress to viral infections. 

CFS is a very common disease that spoils the quality of many people. Let’s consider some of the most effective ways to beat it and restore your energy levels. 


Take time to relax

Chronic tiredness often stems from inability to relax. In order to fight it, you need to learn how to unwind and let go of everything that is burdening you. How to do it the best way? You can find a peaceful place in nature and simply enjoy the beauty of doing nothing. If you live in a capital city like London and the world around you is too chaotic, you can check out a good weed shop UK has for its citizens and visitors. Purchasing some high-quality weed recommended by doctors will definitely help you relax and get rid of your chronic fatigue. But if you want to try other options, you can use deep breathing exercises, meditation or gentle stretching. 


Eat the right food 

It’s a well-known fact that a healthy diet helps to maintain high energy levels. Some studies prove that poorly balanced meals are linked to chronic fatigue. They zap your energy and make you constantly tired. So make sure you get enough nutrients from your food. Add to your meals whole and fresh products from different food groups. You should combine unrefined carbs with protein and include sufficient amounts of fiber as well as anti-inflammatory products. 


Get enough sleep

Proper sleep is vital for maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. But how to make your sleep better? If you can’t get sufficient sleep, you can use some tricks. For example, you can turn on guided sleep meditation in your headphones. Gentle stretches in loose clothes would also be quite helpful. If you read some highTHC Shop articles available on the web, you will see that some sorts of weed might be very effective for sleep. Another great thing to try is journaling at night before going to bed as you can clear your mind this way. Take care about the quality of your mattress, blankets and pillows to get sufficient sleep. And use an eye mask if needed!


Exercise regularly 

Probably, all of us know about the benefits of sports. Doing some physical activity releases endorphins that naturally increase energy levels. It has been confirmed by scientific research multiple times. One of the studies shows that people with a sedentary lifestyle who started doing moderate-intensity exercise for six weeks noticed significant improvements in their  energy levels. So no matter how busy you are, try to incorporate sports activities in your daily routine to feel better. To be consistent, you should find a fitness buddy or ask a personal trainer for help. 


Release stress

Scientists say that when we are stressed out, our sleep patterns and overall health suffer.

Stress drains us both physically and mentally. It takes all the energy, so we feel tired throughout the day. So to beat the fatigue, we must reduce stress levels. Choose a way that works best for you, may it be going to the spa or getting a  massage. You can also try different mindfulness practices, like yoga, meditation, etc. Even watching your favorite TV show on the couch would work if you really enjoy it. For some people, reading a book helps to zone out from the outer world and recharge their batteries. 


Final thoughts

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us suffer from chronic fatigue. The reasons for it are not 100% clear but luckily we know ways to beat this syndrome. Some of them include relaxation, proper rest, regular exercise and stress release. Hopefully, this article will help you boost your energy levels and avoid tiredness.