If you are looking for a fairytale place to travel with your family, Vienna may be the European destination you are thinking of. The city, which is one of the oldest capitals in Europe, has a significant artistic heritage that stands out for its palaces and castles. In addition, there is an intense cultural life and a famous pastry shop that you will not be able to resist.


To make sure you don’t lack anything on your trip to Vienna with children, we propose ten must-see destinations for your visit to the Austrian capital and a selection of hotels to suit your needs. Also you can check the hotel’s grand opening that will culminate in spring 2022 to book a room in the new or renovated hotel in the heart of Vienna.


While you decide, you can also take a look at the possibilities that these European capitals and other destinations outside our borders offer for a visit with children.


1. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, as the Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral is popularly known, is the landmark of Vienna. There you can climb two towers: the north tower with an elevator to see the largest bell in Austria, and the south tower, which has 343 steps leading to the observation deck, from where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Vienna. Another option is to descend into the catacombs of the cathedral.

2. Schönbrunn Palace

Your children will get a glimpse into the lives of the children of the imperial family through the unique offerings of Schönbrunn Palace. The former summer residence of the Habsburgs impresses with its fantastic rooms (it has 1441 rooms, 45 of which can be visited) and its garden. In this palace, you can be transported back to the time when Franz Joseph and Sissi walked through the rooms.

3. Palace Hofburg

One way to learn about the daily life of the imperial family is to visit the Hofburg Palace. Here you can visit nineteen imperial rooms where you can learn the secrets of the emperors. The children’s tour is interesting because at the end of the tour children can try on imperial costumes. The palace also houses several museums and the Spanish Riding School.


4. The House of Butterflies

On your walk through downtown Vienna, you can’t miss one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau greenhouses, where hundreds of butterflies fly freely in an area that mimics a tropical rainforest with waterfalls, ponds and bridges.

5. Natural History Museum

On a tour of the halls of Vienna’s Natural History Museum, your family will discover everything from microorganisms to impressive dinosaur skeletons. Some of the most famous exhibits include the Paleolithic Venus of Willendorf and a manatee that became extinct over 200 years ago. The museum also includes a collection of ancient meteorites from around the world.

6. ZOOM Museum

The ZOOM Children’s Museum is the most fun place to touch, feel, play and explore. This is a museum where children can use all their senses to explore through exhibitions and workshops. ZOOM has a studio for children from three to twelve years old (where they can develop different artistic techniques), Zoom Cinema Animation Studio (from eight to fourteen years old), Zoom Ocean (adventure and play area for children from eight months to six years old), Zoom Science, Zoom Collection and an interactive exhibition.

7. Amusement park Prater

Vienna Amusement Park is a place full of tradition and adventure that will delight the whole family. Here you will find roller coasters, Ferris wheels, water rides and all kinds of entertainment for children and adults.

8. Zoo

At the Vienna Zoo, located next to Schönbrunn Palace, you can see around 8,500 animals from more than 700 species, including invertebrates. The oldest zoo in the world was founded in 1752 by Emperor Franz I, who wanted to create an area with exotic animals for the imperial family.

9. Vienna Boys Choir

Music is a must when visiting Vienna with children. We recommend attending a concert by the Vienna Boys Choir, a children’s group that is over 500 years old. At their concert venue, the MuTh, you can listen to ethnic music or children’s operas while you take a walk and let your kids have fun in the surrounding area, where there are games and swings.

10. Sacher cake

At the end of your visit to Vienna, don’t forget to stop at the legendary Café Sacher and eat the famous cake, which consists of a chocolate sponge cake spread with a thin layer of apricot jam and covered with dark chocolate.

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