It’s well known that having an organised workplace does wonders for your performance at work. Studies have shown that organisation increases productivity, reduces stress, and improves time-keeping skills. The good news is, getting organised is simple and these easy steps could help transform how you and your employee’s work.

Consider the space available

How much room do you have on your desks or worktops? Establishing this will help you figure out how much work/equipment you can reasonably have on show; as well as helping you get rid of things that take up space and gather dust. For things that you need to be able to access quickly but don’t have space for, it could be a good idea to install shelving systems provided by specialists like RS.

Make a daily plan

At the beginning of each workday, it is important to plan the tasks you hope to accomplish. Having a solid plan will help you only reach for what you need and save rummaging through tools or paperwork that will end up getting in the way. Try setting yourself some small goals each day and watch your productivity soar.

Out of sight out of mind

Many of us get distracted all too easily and one of the best ways to tackle this is to keep distractions away from the workspace. Gadgets and other electronic devices can be a great tool but often distract us from the job at hand. Multiple studies back this up with one highlighting that mobile phones in the workplace So much so that mobile phone usage limits the cognitive ability of the user so that they are not be able to focus on daily routine activities which also leads to negative psychological well-being. It seems that the best way to organise your workplace may be to start with your mind.

Take a break

Taking a break my seem counterintuitive but taking regular breaks has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace. Keeping on top of yourself and your energy levels has a direct impact on the space around you, so by keeping on top of your energy and hydration, you’ll be in a better position to keep the space around you organised.


The workplace is one of the most critical aspects of managing a business because it can offer staff an area in which they can feel comfortable, and so it should be designed to reflect that. The combination of a neat and tidy work environment with happy workers is sure to improve the overall output of the business.