5 Advantages of a Refrigerated Warehouse

Are you looking to set up a café? Or are you becoming a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables?

If so, you need a space that can keep fresh produce in good condition for as long as possible.

This is where looking into having a chilled warehouse or room comes in handy. These options are customisable and easy to maintain and can save you a fortune, especially if you are a butcher or handle meat!

Still not entirely convinced that you need one? Read on for 5 advantages of having a chilled room installed for your food-based business.

Range of Uses

You could assume that adding a chilled room to your restaurant will create excess expenditure. However, Cold Rooms actually have a wide range of uses in food-based businesses.

For one thing, they obviously keep food cold – or chilled or frozen! With some newer models, you can even control humidity, meaning that those vegetables and fruit won’t be exposed to excess moisture, keeping them fresh and safe. No spoiling of food or illnesses linked to poor food hygiene. They also have an adjustable temperature range, which is great if you are in a café with ever-changing menus or specials. You just set the temperature and go!

Also, you can prefer the commercial refrigeration that keeps your food fresh and healthy.

Customisable Sizes

Some business spaces are smaller than others.

Luckily, chilled rooms can be made to any size or shape that your business requires. You can even have mobile options created. In many cases, chilled rooms are attached to the back of a property. Or you could even have one fitted in your cellar. It is entirely up to you!


Having a portable chilled cooler can take up room in your kitchen, which could be better used for preparing food.

Therefore, having a chilled room can save you a lot of space in your business. It is also worth considering noise in your place of business.

As many cooling units operate with fans, this can be noisy and take away from the ambiance of your café or restaurant. When affixed to the back of your place of business, no one except your staff will detect the sounds of your chilled room.


Suppose you run a bakery that specialises in cream cakes. Then suppose one day that your shop suffers from a power outage. It could cost a lot of money in lost revenue due to disposing of those cakes.

A chilled room allows you some back-up space. The environment is air-tight and sealed. So, even if it suffers from a power outage, the temperature will be maintained longer, thus preserving those cream cakes for your customers, saving you and staff stress.

Saves Money

If it is going to save money in business, it is going to be popular.

Some degree of throwing out food is expected in business. But not if you do it regularly!

You can save a small fortune with perishables by using a climate-controlled environment, which will save money and time. Should you want to sell your bakery, café, or restaurant, a chilled room will also add to the property’s value. So it is something good to have in the back pocket!