How many times have you gone into a shop or ordered a bra online only to find that you’ve bought the wrong size? It’s something all women experience at one time or another, so it’s important to know how to measure your bra size at home. After all, few but the most high-end shops actually have a clerk or seamstress there with a measuring tape to help you get it right this time around.

Whether you’ve gained a few pounds, shed a few pounds, recently given birth or even aged since you were last measured, these things can alter your bra size. Even the seemingly most insignificant of changes to your weight or muscle tone could alter your size. Ladies let’s get it right with these simple instructions.

It Only Takes Two Measurements

If you are concerned that the maths will be a little confusing, don’t worry. There are only two measurements to be concerned with at the moment. You will want a measurement for the band size and yet another for the cup size. It is suggested that you do this periodically, at least before you buy your next bra to ensure everything still lines up.

The Band

For the first measurement, stand up straight without a bra on. Measure all the way around your chest just where the band sits below your bust. This is the size bra you will take and often they are measured in inches. Some companies like Heist women’s underwear list theirs as digits from 1 to 9, so do take the time to check their sizing chart to see which size fits your measurement in inches. Their sizing chart starts with a 1 which is a 27” to 28” band size while a size 9 is for a band size of 41”. As a rule of thumb, if you measure an even number, that is the bra size but if you end up with an odd number, buy the next band size bigger.

The Cup

Next, unlike when measuring the band size, it is recommended that you measure the circumference of your bust with a comfortable bra you currently own that fits well. The purpose for this is to ensure you are measuring where you want your breasts to fall. Even an inch can alter the fit, so make sure you have a bra that fits well. Once you’ve got the measurement around your bust you will subtract the band length from the breast measurement and the difference will determine your cup size.

For Example:

  • 0” = AA
  • 1” = A
  • 2” = B
  • 3” – C

And so forth. This article on the UK Vogue website explains it well.

As one last word of advice in terms of bra size once you have your measurements. Remember, just like in any other article of clothing, sizes may vary a fraction from brand to brand. Take the time to look at that brand’s size chart and you will be able to compare your actual measurements to their sizing chart. It really is easier than you think, so with that said, you should be able to buy the right bra size now and forever more.