Latest bitcoin Events 2021

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Bitcoin is the first and the largest cryptocurrency in today’s market. And a vast amount of people are investing in this. Also, bitcoins are a very highly valued digital currency, and still, the sellers and buyers are not reducing. After noticing a large crowd after this bitcoin, Bitcoin events are being organized in the countries for more awareness of bitcoin among the people. Here we will be highlighting the details about Bitcoin and key events associated with it.

What is a bitcoin event?

The bitcoin event 2021 was the largest cryptocurrency event ever organized in history on 4th and 5th June. Up to 50,000 people were present at that event, including great-minded Ron Paul, Nick Szabo, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and pro skater Tony Hawk. This event was organized in Miami in the US.

Why was it organized?

  • The Mayor, Francis Suarez, is trying to make the “Silicon Valley of Crypto,” so this event was organized for this main reason.
  • The latest bitcoin event, 2021, was organized to make more people aware of bitcoins, tokens, etc.
  • To enhance the root of bitcoin via people across more countries.
  • To lead the world towards a cashless and digital currency-based world.
  • To discuss many blockchains and to make bitcoin legal tender.

Here is a report of some fluctuation of bitcoin in 2021 in different months:

  • On 1st January 2021, the bitcoin was recorded at its lowest price, which is $28,803.59, and after nine months, the highest price of bitcoin was recorded, which is $68,789.63 on 10th November 2021.

But Covid has played a vital role in the fluctuation rate of bitcoin.

  • From January 2021 to April 2021, the bitcoin average monthly price kept increasing. The price varies from $35,375.17 to $ 56,288.88.
  • Again from May to July, it reduces from $45,100.43 to $35,798.26
  • And from August to December 2022, it catches speed and again increased from $45,035.63 to $ 52,621.92

So as you can see from the annual report how the bitcoin varies, and this fluctuation is not fixed. So here are some factors which affect the bitcoin average monthly price hardly.

Factors that affect the bitcoin rate in 2021

  • Covid period: in the mid of April, the corona has taken its deadly form across the world. In April, the highest price was recorded, but a 20% reduction was noticed after one month. When the reported matter of corona was at its highest peak between May and June, 22 % of the reduction was recorded in bitcoin. And again, between November and December, the bitcoin had to face a reduction of 15% after some fluctuation during May to August. 
  • Political factor: it was also the reason for the reduction in bitcoin due to campaigns, rallies, and different events by the politician, and the public was also involved in this, so it took away the excitement and interest from the bitcoin.
  • According to some experts, it is said that when the covid’s third wave was continuously increasing, China was favouring the hacking and crypto mining in crypto exchange platforms, due to which some reduction is noticed, and it affects the bitcoin rate.
  • BTC had put two disruptions to the bull market. First was selling the news, and then some were negative disruptions. The Coinbase IPO was at its peak, but then China had banned it, and also tesla had rejected to accept the BTC as payment.

Concluding thoughts

Investing in this cryptocurrency market is not a bad idea. Even the craze of bitcoin is increasing day by day. But planning the investment smartly is paramount. You just need some experience of investing in this so that you can earn profit. A bitcoin-up.live is one of the best platforms to get the proper information about the selling and buying of bitcoin in a decentralized market so that you can invest her according to your requirements.

The main reason people are excited to invest in bitcoin is the ease of online exchange and the value it holds. If you also want to invest in bitcoin, then firstly maintain a list of certified bitcoin exchange platforms and after doing a proper analysis, start your investment wisely. Make sure that you keep yourself updated with the latets development and news related to Bitcoin and its trend in the market.