Picking a name for your baby is a big deal – it will follow them for the rest of their lives, so you want to make sure you choose the right one! Nowadays, there are no limitations, you can truly get creative with it, so instead of just settling for a generic name try searching for something unique. Here are some useful tips on how to pick out a perfect name for your baby!

Get inspired

If you are stuck and have no idea how to name your child, it’s a good idea to get inspired before making the big decision! Take a look at celebrities nowadays, and how creative they are with naming their children! This should give you a bit of courage to step out of the comfort zone and find a unique name for your baby! Sometimes it’s better to be original and brave, than give your child a generic name! 

Some names are more common and popular than others, and this can change from year to year! This obviously means that name trends come and go, every time period or even generation has their own name trends – while this is an easy way to pick out a name, it’s a bit lazy! And on top of that, do you really want to name your baby a common name? This should definitely be the last resort if you have no idea how to name your future child, but definitely do a bit more searching before settling on a name!

Pop culture

Your interests are also a resource of great names for your baby! It’s quite common for people to name their kids after their favorite fictional character from books and movies, their favorite artist or performer, and similar.  This can be as obvious as you want it to be, especially when it comes to naming your baby after a fictional character, only fans of the show can understand where it’s from! This can also be pretty meaningful, especially if you and your partner bonded over a TV show or book, naming your child after the main character can carry more meaning and significance than you think! 

Cultural and ethnic heritage 

Culture and heritage play a big part in every family, and it should definitely be something you consider when naming your child. Not only is it an honor to pass on and celebrate your and your partner’s culture, but it’s also an easy way to pick out a name! There are a lot of classic Gaelic names for boys or beautiful Japanese names for girls that carry a lot of meaning – so it’s a win-win when choosing the cultural route. There is also a lot of material and research to go through, so make sure you choose the right name with the right kind of significance from your heritage! 

Be poetic

You should be poetic above anything else – names will follow the person for a long time, so you want to make sure it’s unique and interesting. It can also have a special and even secret meaning that only you and your partner know. Why not name your shield after a flower, or a specific color or anything that you can think of that sounds melodic enough. Again, the options are endless, so take your time and truly craft the perfect name for your future child! 

Follow the tradition

If there is a tradition in your family with passing on names, you should consider following it! It’s not as common as before, but some families still do it – it would be a shame if you break the tradition now! On the other hand, this doesn’t have to be as dramatic, your family might have a tradition of having the same first letter, which is also a cute tradition to follow, especially if you plan on having multiple kids in the future! This obviously can’t apply to everyone, so if you still want to keep it pretty traditional and in the family, you should check out the family tree and get inspired. Who knows, maybe your great, great-grandmother had a unique name that you can use for your daughter! 

Don’t forget the middle name

The middle name is also an important part of the name – so you might want to keep it in mind while searching for the first name! Sometimes it can be difficult to find two names that go together, but middle names should hold just as much meaning, if not more than the first name! This is where you can truly get creative and create something unique and meaningful! But be careful, for instance, if you want to keep the first name pretty short, you might want to keep the middle name the same length so it doesn’t overpower it. But it’s all up to you and your partner’s preferences, just try to search for both names at the same time for the best result!

Consider the last name

The last name is extremely important – but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. You want the name, middle name and last name to flow together, but sometimes you are hung up on something that doesn’t sound all too cute. That’s completely fine, if you find a particularly beautiful name, but don’t want to risk it because the last name is already so complicated – it can actually turn out better than you think! People with unique first names and last names are unforgettable and leave a lasting impression on their peers! So don’t worry if it doesn’t match, the funkier the better!

At the end of the day, it all depends on what kind of names you and our partner like – there are so many options to choose from so take your sweet time with it! It can be difficult at first, but even if you have your mind set on a particular name it’s good to search a bit more and have a back up! The sky’s the limit when it comes to naming your child – there is no need to limit yourself with gendered and strictly feminine or masculine names – just name your child something you really like!