Different countries use different currencies, but these six different coins all have interesting stories behind them. Each one has a unique design or comes from special occasions making them one-of-a-kind coins. This list includes the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Coin from Great Britain, the French Euro coin with hidden images, the 1 Rupee coin from India, the platinum pig coins which are lucky souvenirs in Taiwan’s night markets, The 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar, and Krause Publications’ 2017 Coin of the Year. Let’s explore these six different coins to get a better understanding of how they work and what they are made of.

1. 1977 Silver Coin from Great Britain

In 1977, the United Kingdom celebrated its silver jubilee with a special commemorative coin. The coin was designed by Christopher Ironside and is made of sterling silver. Inscribed on the front are the words “Elizabeth II D G Regina F D” while on the back is a crowned shield with an inscription reading “25 Years Of Peace And Progress.” The Jubilee Silver Crown Coin has a face value of 25 pence. However, the value of 1977 Jubilee Crowns is much more because of its high quality and rarity. The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Coin is scarce because fewer coins were minted to commemorate this event in contrast to previous royal anniversaries which saw large mintages for circulation purposes. This makes it difficult to find these coins for sale today. The Jubilee Silver Crown Coin has an approximate weight of 9g and a diameter of 38mm. It is 91.60% silver, so it can gain or lose value depending on the daily spot price of silver in the market. 

2. French Euro Coin with Hidden Images

Belgium is known for making unusual Euro coins, but France has joined them by creating one of its own. On this French Euro coin, several different images of the French flag are visible when the coin is seen from different angles. This clever design was created by artist Joaquín Mirando y Esteban, who also designed an 18th Century Kanefuda card deck of Japan’s Edo period. The image on this French Euro coin can be found on any side of the coin except the tails side which features Marianne, France’s iconic symbol of liberty.

3. 1 Rupee Coin From India

One rupee coin is used in India to represent one Indian National Rupee (INR) of currency value. Each rupee coin has a face value of 0.01 INR and has an outer ring with 11 different languages inscribed onto it which reads “भारत गणराेश” or “India Ganesh.” The word “Ganesh” translates to the Hindu god Ganesha who is known for his wisdom and ability to remove obstacles. On the back of each one rupee coin, you will find an image of Ashoka Chakra which is part of the Indian national emblem.

4. Lucky Platinum Pig Coin From Taiwan

Taiwan has a whole set of lucky platinum pig coins with different designs on them that are sold as souvenirs in Taiwan’s night markets. It also features different inscriptions on its tails side including phrases such as “囍币,” which means double happiness, and ” 好運來,” which means fortune is coming. 

5. The 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar

The 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar is an early Islamic gold coin that was discovered in the old city of Jerusalem. The coin features the Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan who ruled from 685 to 705 A.D., making it one of the oldest coins among those found in this area. There are also several inscriptions on this Islamic gold dinar including “Muhammad is God’s Messenger” and “There is no God but Allah.” 

6. Coin of the Year 2017 by Krause Publications

A coin that was recently released is Krause Publications’ 2017 Coin of the Year. This coin was designed by artist Joel Iskowitz and it represents the theme of freedom. The Statue of Freedom is symbolically represented in gold on this coin to ensure that its image is preserved for future generations. On the tails side, you will see the words “LIBERTY” inscribed in capital letters horizontally across the top, while “2017” is found in smaller text at the bottom along with the weight and purity in fine silver (999/1000).

Many different coins exist in the world today, which you may not know about, including the opportunity to learn about Navy challenge coins. Some of these coins have certain inscriptions on them or hidden images that you can find when looking at them from different angles while some others were made to commemorate special events. Other coins also feature unique designs which makes them more collectible and anyone would be able to appreciate their beauty.