Cruises have long been and remain one of the most popular forms of vacation, and for very good reason. Unlike destination vacations, a cruise offers a multitude of locations, activities and opportunities making it like several vacations rolled into one. If you have never considered a cruise for your next break, here are a few of the many reasons that you should definitely put it on your list.

Luxury on Demand

How many times have you been on an outdoor vacation and thought to yourself that you would kill for a little pampering? On a cruise, you don’t have to choose one or the other. A cruise can take you on a variety of adventures but when the craving for something a bit more luxurious comes along, you’ll have it at your fingertips. From well-appointed cabins, high-end entertainment, formal dress dinners to deep tissue massages, you can experience all the pampering you desire and be off to your next adventure refreshed and well-rested.

Multiple Destinations

When choosing where to go on your next family outing, it can be nearly impossible to please everyone. A cruise can solve this problem beautifully. A multi-country Mediterranean cruise can take you to Rome where the history and architecture lovers can take in all this ancient city has to offer; then to a quaint seaside village in Spain where those seeking a more homespun experience can decompress; and then to the glamour of Cannes in France where fashion lovers can shop to their heart’s content. You would be hard-pressed to find another vacation plan that will fulfill such diverse interests.

Endless Activities

Not only can you choose a cruise that takes you to multiple destinations, but the activities on-board are also diverse. Large cruise ships are like floating resorts offering enough entertainment that even if you never leave the ship, you’ll have the vacation of a lifetime. 

For the adults in your group, a cruise can offer fine dining and world-class, live shows that might include singing, dancing or magic. You might also take advantage of planned activities such as shuffleboard tournaments and card games. Many ships offer high-end spa treatments that might include facials, massages and various treatments. They may also offer fully staffed child care centers so that you can enjoy your evening knowing the kids are safe and sound.

For more active folks, you might enjoy the ship swimming pools, gym facilities equipped with state of the art workout equipment or activities like wave pools and parasailing. Children will find planned activities dedicated to their enjoyment as well such as age-appropriate entertainment, games and treasure hunts.

Social Opportunities

Unless you’re seeking solitude, part of the fun of going on vacation is meeting new people and making new friends. No vacation will offer you greater opportunities to grow your social groups than a cruise.

Small and large cruises are available, but on average you’ll be sharing your ship with several hundred people for an extended bit of time. This gives you enough diversity to pick and choose new friends, without such a large crowd that you lose the ones you’d like to keep and you’ll have enough time to forge strong bonds.  You’ll have the opportunity to share vibrant destinations and exhilarating adventures with new people who just might become life-long friends.

It isn’t an overstatement to say that a cruise vacation may just be the perfect get-away for the whole family. You’ll enjoy the luxury of a great hotel while traveling to many different and exotic locations. While onboard, you and every member of your group will get to choose from a mind-blowing number of experiences and activities. Not only will you make precious memories with the other members of your group, but you’ll have the chance to forge new friendships through shared adventures. Talk to your friends and family about sharing a cruise on your next planned holiday. Even if it’s your first cruise, you can be sure it won’t be your last.