Thanks to its many positive features, safety glass has become indispensable in almost all spheres of life. It is widely used in construction, industry, automobile industry, and interior decoration. On the website of the Internet shop you can find various types of glass, which can be used boldly for glazing balconies, bathrooms, terraces, verandas, applied in the decoration of kitchens, fireplaces, aquariums and terrariums.

The spheres of using safety glass

Increasing the number of floors in modern buildings requires maximum security. This is related to the possible danger to humans from the collapse or fall of large fragments from a height. According to this aim, the glazing process is constantly being modernized and new, more practical and safer types are being introduced.

Safety glass is a combination of a number of translucent materials that have enhanced durability, resistance to mechanical effects, and safety against human disruption. It is widely used in the manufacture of doors, office partitions, windows, countertops and furniture. The safety glazing shall also be used in:

  • manufacture of temperature measuring thermometers;
  • cutting boards;
  • windows for greenhouses;
  • shower cabins;
  • in banking establishments to prevent the entry of bullets;
  • glasses, after chemical hardening;
  • computer monitors;
  • LCD displays;
  • attic windows;
  • shelves in the fridge;
  • doors for Ovens.

Safety glass, which has several layers, has several additional advantages – it has excellent noise insulation and blocks up to 97% UV radiation. Laminated glass is perfectly held in frame even in case of an earthquake or tornado. It can be transparent, mirror, tinted and lacquered.

Since this material has a high strength, heat resistance and impact viscosity, it is used in the manufacture of shop windows.

The scope of the safety glass is wide enough, so that for each glass there are certain characteristics and necessary functions. Its thickness is selected taking into account the dimensions to be glazed, the expected loads and the installation system. There are many factors to be taken into account in the choice, not just the main ones. This will help to find the most suitable option.

Main features of glass

The design of the exterior and interior sides of buildings with safety glass is not only beautiful but also practical, as it performs a number of important functions:

  • Protects a person from being injured when it is destroyed;
  • Protection buildings against illegal entry;
  • Ensures the safety of people who present in the building in the event of an external explosion or the use of firearms;

Among many types of glass, only a few correspond to these safety parameters. This is hardened and laminated glass. The rest cannot be considered completely safe because they form large, sharp-edged fragments when they are destroyed.

Today the safety glass has become quite popular. Its production increases every year as demand for it increases, because it not only decorates the premises, but performs a protective function. But there is one nuance – the protective glass will only perform its primary function if the frame has identical levels of protection with the glass.


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