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Dead Cells is a stunning roguelike. True to the genre, all that stands between you and death at the hands of the enraged swarm of opponents is a slew of weapons and abilities ranging from a basic blade to lightning that shoots from your fingers.

Remember that each run in dead cells will be unique. Your weapons and abilities may not quite fit into one of these designs, but each build offers an element of flexibility, with specific weapons or abilities that may be changed out for others. Without further ado, here is a list of ten Dead Cells builds that wreck hard!

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6. Assassin’s Dagger and Phaser Build

The ultimate assassin construct. Teleport behind opponent after opponent, unleashing lethal critical hits. The Assassin’s Dagger and the skill Phaser are, as the name suggests, necessary must for this setup. The most crucial mutation to have is Scheme, which grants you a damage boost after performing a skill.

Why you should use the Assassin’s Dagger and Phaser Build

It is simple to use. The Assassin’s Dagger and Phaser are easy to control. Teleportation has several advantages.

  • Damage from a burst. After teleporting behind an opponent, you can land three or four critical strikes before the adversary reacts, doing huge damage.
  • Devastates only one target. Because of the Phaser’s short cooldown, you may repeatedly teleport behind an adversary, evading many of their strikes.

5. Area of Effect Damage Build

Dead Cells is a combination of mob-infested biomes and bosses. This build focuses on inflicting pain during mob engagements. It will tip the scales in frenetic battles with adversaries on all sides. With the Powerful Grenade’s blast enough to paralyze stronger adversaries, the Symmetrical Lance’s huge range will rapidly take out the lesser foes, buying time to finish the Lance’s three-hit combination.

What Does the Area Damage Build Excel At?

  • This build performs well in enemy-infested biomes.
  • So, Area Damage. As a main weapon, the Symmetrical Lance is a strong foundation for doing damage all around you.
  • With the Necromancy mutation, this build offers strong sustain, allowing you to withstand attacks without depleting your health flask supply (important on higher difficulties).

4. Ice Build

This build maximizes safety, keeping enemies unable to move or moving at around 50% speed. Pairing Freezing based abilities with a heavy-hitting survival weapon like the Broadsword gives you time to complete the monster (but absurdly slow) combo, capitalizing on the extra time you have to strike. This build is also compatible with heavy, two-slot survival weapons like the Heavy Crossbow or the Explosive Crossbow.

What the Ice Build Excels In

  • Versatility. This build works well in both normal biomes and boss fights.
  • Safety. This build prioritizes safety, eliminating enemies before they strike or slowing them down.
  • Combos. The extra time is perfect for dealing the hurt with a huge weapon.

3. Giantkiller Build

This is the best possible build for taking down bosses. When hitting monsters and elites, the Giantkiller is a massive blade that crits. Elites are plentiful at higher BC levels, allowing the Giantkiller to flourish. Although it slashes through elites and bosses like a hot knife through butter, it is critical to maintain another weapon on hand to cope with the riff-raff inside each typical biome.

What the Giantkiller Construction excels at

  • This build is driven by the Giantkiller, leaving slots available for another weapon and abilities.
  • Elites and CEOs are being assassinated.
  • Versatile is the name of the game. The Giantkiller has a Brutality and Survival scale.

2. Turret Barrage Build

Turrets, oh turrets. Is there a better option? In the game, there are six turrets, each with its own distinct personality. They all have one thing in common: they all kill their adversaries. Combine two turrets in whatever way you like and watch them annihilate both normal foes and bosses.

What the Turret Construction excels at

  • Similarly, there are a plethora of tactical weapons that work with this build to customize it to your liking.
  • Turrets are dependable, dealing consistent DPS to all foes.
  • Super-versatile. This design is simple to upgrade with higher level turrets available in every biome.

1.     Hokuto’s Bow/Alchemic Carbine Build

The build that started it all. The mark from Hokuto’s bow supercharging the poison of the Alchemic Carbine, a combo of some of the game’s most powerful weapons, a blend of safety and dependability. At its heart, it is a Tactics build that can be supplemented with turrets, grenades, or any number of talents to increase the DPS of this poison construct.

What the Alchemic Carbine / Hokuto’s Bow Build Is Good At

  • Damage to the safe. The DOT of the poison expands as long as foes remain in the cloud created by the Carbine bullets, allowing you plenty of time to maneuver as enemies waste away.
  • Open skill slots allow this build to gain power even when no new main or secondary weapons are available.
  • In both typical biomes and boss bouts, it is unrivaled.


Dead Cells is a ton of fun to mess around in. Be sure to enjoy these builds, and when you’re ready to try out your newfound skills, don’t forget to check out for some of the best prices in a gaming marketplace. You can check prices for various games, including Dead Cells and find the best deals available.