We all live in a challenging world where things keep changing all the time. With every change, the wellbeing of the nation is in some way affected. Studies have shown that a privileged country balances opportunities, freedom, health conditions, financial independence, and more. However, what remains constant are the people of the nation.

So let’s dig deep and see how power and privilege are two different aspects of a citizen’s social standing. To make a correct statement, we have to look at additional insights and need to check other criteria, which include:

  • Career opportunities
  • Financial stability
  • Health and wellness
  • Freedom

The final data released on “privileged nations of the world” used data provided by the United Nations.

Some of the Most Privileged Nations in the World

Below is the list of six of the most prolific countries that are also home to the luckiest people in the world. From career opportunities to primary healthcare and education needs, these nations are a true model example for others to follow.

Switzerland: Switzerland has the highest density of millionaires worldwide, and also the population of Switzerland is financially independent. Switzerland also enjoys gender equality along with better education and health facilities.

Canada: Canada has excellent employment opportunities, healthcare facilities, and education facilities, making it a paradise for people to live in for residents. Canada is a dream destination for expats year and after.

Norway: With a high human development index, high wage rate, improving social standards- Norway ranks among the most privileged nations globally. Also, Norway is the least violent nation on the planet, which makes it the safest place to live in.

Sweden: Sweden, with a population of over 6 million, has an impressive GDP growth rate. Swedes enjoy a comfortable quality of life, making this Nordic country immensely liveable.


Australia: A water-locked continent, Australia has a record high health and safety index score. Additionally, despite having a vast section of the country that is uninhabitable, Australia has utilized its infrastructure and financial stability to create a well-balanced nation. Australians are among the luckiest people in the world due to the immense career and educational opportunities.


Denmark: Home to the world’s happiest people, Denmark almost scores full marks for life satisfaction. Denmark is an excellent country for citizens and foreigners alike with a stable financial standing and booming career opportunities.


The study conducted included categorized data from every specified criterion of over 150 nations. Data analysts compiled all this information together before coming together to study them very carefully.