Paisley is ideally located just West of the City of Glasgow, which is perfect if you want to spend the night out in the big city. But the town itself offers a lot of various activities, that will entertain those always on the lookout for the best way to discover new things, as well as the ones that need to take out some steam. Here is a quick look at a few locations to visit for entertainment, while in Paisley.

A City that offers Unique Entertainment for the Connoisseurs

Those who take their games seriously are always on the lookout for new ways to be entertained. When they are at home, they look for the best deals on new and old video games, to play online with their friends. They can be counted on to inform you on the latest and best series or movies to watch online, or which play to catch in the city. And when they travel, they are the ones that discover unique entertainments, in the city they are visiting.

In Paisley, one of those unique experience that you can live, can be found at Ascent Aviation. Ever thought of flying a plane? That’s exactly what you will be able to do at this location. Well, at least inside a simulator. However, it will provide you with the exact sensation that you would have, if you were to take the command of an A320 or a B737, which are commercial airliners. In fact, this is where pilots train to become one. The company offers this service to anyone that would like to try. It can be for friends, to enjoy a good time together, or even for company managers, to create team building. There is even an escape scenario that exists, to be played in the simulator; perfect for those who like to find solutions to problems. And if a flight is about to go down… it is definitely quite a big one.

Keep the Kids Happy

The most difficult tourists are probably kids. They need to be entertained at all time, or else their mood can go sour, rapidly. Then, they can also become quite vocal about it. In Paisley, the solution to this problem is to visit Big Adventure. This game centre is perfect for young kids to go and spend all the energy that they have, throughout various play zones. There is a section reserved for the very young ones (toddlers), a main playground with slides, jumping areas and other energy-spending games, as well as an arcade. One day in this location will make your stay much happier, if you have children along with you.

Sport for the adults

Finally, if the adults need to become kids for a while, as well, there is a great sport that they can participate in, called Bubble Soccer. Get yourself strapped inside a giant inflated bubble before heading into the interior football (soccer) field. Once the game is on, enjoy knocking opposite players down, and watch them bounce on the floor, safely, thanks to the protective air bubble around them.