How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Heights?

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Do you have a fear of heights? Do you become nervous when you realize you’ve gotten too far off the ground? If you do, you may have an anxiety condition called acrophobia or a fear of heights. Our inherent dread of falling and being hurt may be the source of our fear of heights. Acrophobia can be exacerbated by contemplating the pain resulting from a fall from a high vantage point. It’s natural for individuals to be afraid of heights, but the dread is unreasonable and overwhelming for those who have acrophobia.

 Acrophobia appears to be a hyper-reaction to the normal fear response, as do other phobias. Some experts say this might be a learned response to a prior fall or a parent’s anxious reaction to heights. This is terrible news for women, who are twice as likely as men to suffer from acrophobia. You may put off house maintenance because you are afraid of climbing a ladder. Being allocated a hotel room on a high floor may cause you to suffer from severe anxiety. 

 You might even stay away from patios and mountain paths which is hurting your way of living. To help you remove your fear and enjoy the life of being on top of the mountains, here are some ways to help you overcome your fear of heights.


Relaxation techniques

 Rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, and profuse perspiration are all frequent signs of a fear of heights, and experiencing these sensations can amplify anxiety and panic. Relaxation methods can aid in the reduction and control of these symptoms. Deep breathing exercises are one of the easiest strategies to learn and use, and they may truly help you relax. It’s also helpful to have something to concentrate on other than your worry.


Gradual exposure to the fear

 Have you ever heard of the saying “conquer your fear”? Well, this line frequently appears in motivating statements and speeches, but it holds when it comes to conquering a fear of heights since exposure to the trigger helps to desensitize oneself to the trigger. 

 Gradually exposing yourself to heights that you struggle with is a wonderful method to conquer your fear of heights. Begin by walking to the bottom of a hill and gradually increase the distance you walk. You could even do this with a multi-story structure, rising a floor at a time! This kind of progressive exposure takes time, but you will ultimately reach the top of the hill and be able to accomplish something you never imagined possible.


Rationalize your fear

 Fear is frequently induced in acrophobia in conditions that aren’t reasonable. For example, the terror of being on the top level of a secure building, despite the fact that the environment is highly safe and the possibilities of damage are exceedingly remote. It’s easy to become worried and forget about the safety of particular circumstances once dread has formed. It’s all too simple to think foolishly and feed your anxiety.

 Make an effort to rationalize situations that trigger your fear of heights to prevent this. Tell yourself that you don’t have to be frightened of heights and that you’re perfectly safe. This comfort might be quite beneficial in conquering your fear of heights.

 A fear of heights can significantly influence your life, but you don’t have to accept it. With these pointers in mind, conquering your fear of heights will be a walk in the park!