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Unravelling What Smart Glasses Are

Glasses are fashion kits that add up to the look of humans after dressing up. Without wearing glasses, many people see their dressing and fashion as incomplete; as a result, much importance has been attributed to it. The innovative modern technology has brought a new phase to glasses beyond being a fashion kit to becoming smart glasses. Smart glasses are computer glasses that can be worn like fashion glasses. Smart glasses are more sophisticated than ordinary glasses as information is added, making the wearer see differently or beyond the standard view. Smart glasses have been programmed with the latest technology, and they can change tint through electronic devices built along with them. It is designed in such a manner by which it can receive information either from external or internal sensors and retrieve data from other sources. Smart glasses can be like a smartphone having all its features.

How Smart Glasses Work

As the name portrays, smart glasses work smartly like smartphones, making them more advanced than ordinary glasses. Smart glasses are powered by touch, which can be used in controlling the device smoothly and quickly, functioning like the mouse and keyboard we are used to in operating our devices, through touching, swiping, tapping.

Smart glasses can be controlled by using built-in control devices on the frame of the glasses. Through our speech, smart glasses can be made to do what we want them to. In the same way, body recognition like head, eye, body movements, nodding, or directional looking of the eyes and thoughts can be used to control the smart glasses.

Benefits of Using The Smart Glasses

Beyond the technological innovation to smart glasses, it gives a better and clear vision to the wearer. The level of light or brightness entering through the smart lenses can be filtered and controlled with liquid crystal technology. In addition, with the liquid crystal, the visual overlays of the smart glasses can be optimized.

Features of Smart Glasses

Smart glasses are designed with different cutting-edge technologies that give convenience in getting some specific tasks done without needing many devices in doing it. These features are what make these glasses to be regarded as smart. They are:

  1. Sounds;
  2. Smarts;
  3. Microphone;
  4. Camera;
  5. Projector and Prism.

Sounds: smart glasses have a sound feature with audio inputs and cellphone reception. With these features, the smart glasses wearers can hear sounds and or speak through them. The speaker for the wireless audio inputs and cell phone reception is located on the end part of the ear rest. In its functioning, audio will be transmitted into the ear through the bone conduction in place of the air conduction via the audio canal.

Smarts: this feature makes the technological glasses smart. It is the feature of the Central Processing Unit, which is the brain of the programmed computer that is integrated into the glasses. The CPU process receives information from either internal or external sensors and gives the wearer the requested information. The computer brain; CPU is located on one of the arms of the ear rest.

Microphone: with the microphone feature that the smart glasses have, you can listen to music, podcasts, get feedback from the information processed, and notifications through it. The mic on the smart glasses makes it work like smart devices, and you can connect it with mobile devices without using external devices while listening to music simultaneously. This microphone for cellphones and hands-free voice is situated under one of the hinges of the smart glasses. Most of these smart glasses also have micro speakers.

Camera: in this present age camera is an essential feature of all smart devices to take selfies and film events. With the camera feature, the wearer can easily capture and film an event. Smart glasses have a camera with small lenses which are fitted in the frame of the glasses.

Projector and Prism: the glasses use a projector located at the upper part of the lens. It displays images and video digitally, and while doing this, it doesn’t hinder or obscure the usual view to be seen by the eyes. The projector is known as a curved mirror or curved mirror combiner.

Cutting-Edge Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

The Ray-Ban smart glasses have brought a dynamic innovation to how smart glasses are used and their features. It is the most stylish type of glasses of all time. Ray-Ban takes the frames of Wayfarer and is coupled with cutting-edge technology, which makes it stand above other smart glasses in the market. It is equipped with two tiny cameras of 5 megapixels to capture photos and videos more distinctively. In addition, it has three microphones and two speakers, giving the wearer more time capturing pictures and filming for up to 30 seconds. With it, the wearer can receive phone calls, listen to music or podcast on the go and still rock the most fashionable glasses. Ray-Ban smart glasses have different lenses, from transparent to opaque sunglasses, and they are in six different colours, cool, slick, and free from quirks making the wearable stylish.


Technology is not static; it keeps evolving with time to meet the demands of people. One of those ways technology has revolutionized humanity is by introducing Ray-Ban smart glasses, which are cutting-edge. This shift to wearable tech glasses will give wearers the privilege to live smart through photos and videos capturing, listening to music, reading text messages, receiving calls, and broadcasting live. In addition, this Ray-Ban technology has complement fashion to create and design tech product that gives a good look and smartness all in one.