We all deserve to indulge ourselves every now and then. But the key is making sure you indulge responsibly. Here are 7 ways that can help indulge without guilt!

Buy a treat for someone else

By buying a treat for someone else, you are still allowing yourself to indulge without feeling guilty about it! Plus, giving back can make you feel really good inside. Try baking some cookies or cupcakes and deliver them to your neighbors. You will be surprised how great of an effect this one act can have on other people around you as well.


Don’t forget about others when it comes to treating yourselves! There is no need for guilt when buying something nice or going on an amazing vacation because by doing so, our happiness can be given to other people around us which benefits everyone involved even further than expected! It doesn’t take much effort at all but the results speak volumes.

Make a coffee pleasure list

Instead of splurging on coffee in the morning, try making a list of all your favorite ways to indulge. Then save up for it! It is not only good for you but also creates anticipation and excitement that will keep you motivated through every step until the big day when you get to indulge with everything on your list! Plus, this can be really fun once there are several items on your pleasure list ready to indulge upon. Don’t forget about coffee blends when trying something new or indulging in some luxury products because having an idea what kind of things would make us happy before buying brings so much joy into our lives which leads us even further than expected towards happiness overall. 


You don’t need fancy at all but instead, you just need a small idea of what would make your day or morning even better.

Spend time with loved ones (or yourself!)

Think about activities you love like painting, singing karaoke, or cooking dinner together. Then indulge in it with someone you love! It doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to include anything extravagant because the point is spending time together. With loved ones, there are so many benefits that can come from indulging yourself in their presence whether they are around or not.


There’s no need for guilt when planning a day filled with quality activities and experiences because by doing so, our happiness will multiply even further than expected just through sharing memories which could possibly last forever depending on how well we indulge ourselves within them too. Quality over quantity is important here but sometimes, both matter equally as much!

Take on a new challenge in your life

Learn how to code, do yoga, or take up rock climbing! Or indulge in anything that interests you, just do it! Indulging yourself isn’t about buying a fancy new dress or going on an amazing vacation even though these things can be included. It is all about challenging ourselves to try something we always wanted to but never got around to doing.

Download a new app or game to indulge your curiosity

Do your homework and indulge in a new app or game that interests you! It doesn’t have to be costly but it should provide some kind of challenge. Or think about how many times we indulge by exploring an idea, concept, or curiosity all through the help of technology now available for free at our fingertips with so many apps and games available too which can really boost our quality of life as well as keep us entertained wherever we go even if there isn’t anything else around nearby too.

Treat yourself to an experience instead of a purchase

Instead of buying something you want, indulge in an experience like booking a weekend trip to Disneyland or taking cooking classes with friends. The memories and stories created from such experiences will always be worth the cost even if it is not as expensive as what we would normally pay for most items nor does it have to break your bank either.


Indulging ourselves doesn’t just mean spending money on luxury products because there are so many other ways which can bring us happiness too once we indulge our curiosity and challenge ourselves by doing new things!

Don’t forget about your health

For example, we can indulge by buying nourishing and delicious healthy foods which will keep us feeling good and satisfied for hours after indulging too! Or indulge through other means like giving ourselves regular massages or taking time off from our busy schedules just to relax every once in a while whether it be alone or with others.

We know it can be hard to indulge in your favorite things without feeling guilty, but we’ve got seven tips that will help you do just that!  The last one is very important because if you’re not taking care of yourself first everything else falls apart really quickly!