It is one of New Zealand’s sunniest spots, making it ideal for walking, jogging, climbing, sailing, and more! If you’re searching for a great outdoor venue, Tauranga surely should be at the top of your list.

Here are three fun and exciting outdoor activities you can do in Tauranga to maximize your vacation.

Explore the Waihi Beach and Orokawa Bay

With its spectacular views, even just walking along beaches is already one of the fun things to do in Tauranga. The Waihi Beach is located north of Tauranga and can be reached in 45 minutes by car. The beach is a local favorite because of its relaxed atmosphere. The 45-minute adventure from Waihi Beach to Orokawa Bay will give you the advantage of looking at the best views of the Pacific Ocean. 

When you reach Orokawa Bay, you have the luxury of seeing a beautiful beach with white sands. It is at the edge of a forest, so there are no houses around, making it more laid-back. There is a well-formed trail to the top of a hill behind Waihi Beach called Trig Walk if you wish to have some climbing. You will spend a good 90 minutes reaching the top and seeing the vast expanse of the beauty of Waihi Beach and the Bay of Plenty. 

Cruising, fishing, and kayaking through the wildlife

Tauranga has rich wildlife. If you want to take a cruise to explore their local marine wildlife, you will see whales, seals, penguins, dolphins, and a whole lot more. You can do some water sports and snorkeling too! If you just want to enjoy the scenic views, you can spend some time at Matakana Island’s beach. 

Fancy fishing? You have a lot of fishing trips to choose from. Many charter operators can lead you to the best sports for fishing so you can enjoy a bountiful catch. Kayaking is also a great outdoor activity at Tauranga. You can explore their beautiful rivers, great harbors, and peaceful lakes. You can explore by yourself or have a guided tour instead, depending only on your skills level. 

McLaren falls Park and Papamoa Hills tour.

If you want a family-friendly adventure spot, McLaren Falls Park is the best choice. It is located in downtown Tauranga and can be reached in 15 minutes by car. Camping, forest hikes, picnics, fishing, and kayaking are just a few of the recreational activities you can do in McLaren Park. You can also enjoy looking through the North Island’s best botanical tree collections displayed at the park. 

Papamoa Hills is located in southeast Tauranga and can be reached in 20 minutes by car. You can walk through the regional park and learn about the historic Maori pa sites. Another activity you can do at the Papamoa Hills Regional Park has a 45-minute summit walk to enjoy the best coastal views.

There truly are a lot of outdoor activities you can enjoy in Tauranga. If you are looking for a place to spend a great outdoor vacation, then Tauranga, New Zealand, would definitely be the perfect place.