Slot machine games are the most versatile gaming products in online casinos. Besides coming in different types, they come with attractive features that do not just attract players but also enhance the overall gaming experience. The influx of slot machine games in the online gaming industry has made it hard for punters to differentiate different games.

Read this article to know more about different types of products and how they work. There are different types of online products. These include the following:

  •     Video Slot,
  •     Classic Slot,
  •     Progressive Slot,
  •     3D slot,
  •     Mobile Slot.

1.   Video Slot Games

The most commonly played games in online casinos are online video products. Online video slots are made up of 5 reels and up to a thousand ways of winning. Winning in online video slots is pegged on the size and amount of coins wagered. The random number generator works in video slots by randomly selecting numbers that are then translated into symbols on the reels. The most iconic video ones include the Jewel Blast and the Street Fighter II.

2.   Classic Online Slot Games

Simply defined, classic slots are the online versions of the old-school brick-and-mortar game machines. Online slots whose thematic features resemble the ancient slot machines are what we refer to as classic online products. Playing classic ones is as easy as playing on traditional game machines. Punters only need to match the symbols at the top level, the middle, and the bottom level to guarantee winnings. Classic casino products can have 3 or 5 reels and they come with attractive retro themes and visuals that remind gamblers of the famous old-school machines.

3.   Progressive Online Slot Games

Progressive games refer to the type of products whose jackpots increase any moment a gambler bets on the jackpot until one gambler wins the total jackpot amount. In progressive online products there are odd winning chances but if a win is recorded, and then it appears to be a very big win in terms of cash prizes. This scenario makes some punters think of progressive slots as some form of a lottery scheme, something they are not.

3D Online Slot Games

 As the name suggests, 3D video slots are designed to project graphics and visuals just like a 3D screen. 3D slots are types of classic ones that often depict a storyline upon which the overall gameplay rests. 3D online machine games feature tens of bonus rounds that come with free spins meant to increase a punter’s chances of winning. Because 3D slot machine products are built on a storyline, many people go for them because of their interesting storylines.

Mobile Sot Games

Mobile games are types of products that are compatible with various mobile devices, including Android, IoS, and iPhone mobile devices.  With the Mobile version, gamblers can gain access to a wide range of slots from the comfort of their mobile devices. Just like other games, mobile games feature a collection of rewards including a welcoming bonus that players get even before the initial gameplay. Some of the most common mobile slots include Pharaoh’s Slot, Cleopatra’s one, and Big Win one, among many other mobile slots.



Find out more about the best gambling sites for your taste and explore hundreds of different types of exciting games you can enjoy. From classic slots, mobile slots, free slots, 3D slots, to progressive games, you will always find a type of slot game that suits you.