Are you looking for the best solo or family vacation destination? Paisley should be on top of your list. From favorable climate to affordable living and beautiful scenery, there is everything to love about this Scottish town.

Even better, the region features great transport networks for easy navigability. You can quickly get to Paisley by train and get a first-hand experience of the town’s view. Check trustworthy providers such as Omio for cheap train ticketsto help you save more when traveling and enjoy the comfort and convenience of train travel.

If you are unsure if Paisley is a good fit for your getaway, check out these features and things to do in Paisley.

Visit Paisley Museum

Paisley Museum has put this town on top of the global cultural map. This historic gem possesses 350,000 objects featuring 57 collections.

The museum’s Paisley Shawl Collection and Paisley Pattern are a recognized collection of national significance.

You get a chance to view a ton of unique artifacts, such as The Arbuthnott Missal, which is one of the few medieval manuscripts that made it past the Reformation in Scotland. Paisley Museum is a reminder of Paisley’s natural heritage. It is the best place to be if you wish to learn this town’s history.

Explore the Paisley Abbey

Your visit to Paisley cannot be complete without a visit to the Paisley Abbey. The structure, which dates back to the 12th Century, is the very heart of the town. And you will enjoy learning more about how it has endured tumultuous stories in its time.

In 1307, the English torched the Gothic masterpiece in support of the High Steward of Scotland. Moreover, it is in this structure where resident monks educated William Wallace before his demise.

Paisley Abbey was later rebuilt after numerous inconveniences, and there has been a variety of restorations since. What remains today is a beautiful and exciting blend of different historical times and experiences.

Take a Stroll around Town

You will be amazed by the breathtaking scenery that Paisley town has in store. Taking a walk around this town is a fantastic experience by itself.

The town features walkable streets, making it perfect for a day trip, especially with your family. For starters, the architecture in this town is not only magnificent but also it is not the kind that you are likely to find elsewhere. Ensure to pass by the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church to learn more about the philanthropist Thomas Coats.

Take Away

Paisley is among the safest and historic towns in Scotland. You will love every bit of it, primarily if you are into history and art. It is an excellent place to take your kids and give them a chance to get a first-hand experience of what they learn from school.

Take time to prepare for your trip. Book the best accommodation in a convenient location when visiting the scenic areas. Moreover, do prior research on the weather and congestion. Avoid visiting Paisley during the peak season if you are planning to travel on a budget.