Road trips are a popular way to go on vacation for many families.  In fact, families with children, in particular, prefer to avoid the chaos at the airport in summer and get into the car for their summer vacation or weekend excursions.  A road trip with children as a family can be a great adventure together that brings young and old together.  After all, it’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with your children and discover new things.  However, the long-time that the children have to spend in the car brings challenges.  Younger children are often bored and restless from sitting too much, especially when driving monotonously on the motorway for a long time.  Older passengers may also get bored, so they could try Free Bets; the perfect way to kill time and make some winnings. To ensure that you have a road trip with children that is less stressful and more fun, we have a few essential tips for your next car trip with the whole family.

It is best to involve the children in the planning right from the start.  When children help with choosing a travel destination, they are more likely to be motivated and helpful because they have invested in the planning themselves.  If you have the opportunity, offer your children some options that you as parents have already made up for yourself.  Sometimes the destination of your trip or excursion is already given, for example when you go to visit friends or relatives.  In this case, you can still involve the little ones for the rest of the plans, for example, stops on the way or rest stops.  A special family gathering for planning can help make the road trip with children very special and increase the anticipation.


In the age of smartphones and iPads, it has become easier to keep children busy with games and apps on the mobile phone or tablet.  However, overall this is not very interactive for you as a family.  And even before the advent of electronic entertainment options, parents have always found ways to entertain their children while they are driving so they don’t get bored and restless in the car.

One way to do this is by playing guessing games like “I see what you don’t see,” where the first player says, “I see what you don’t see and that’s …” and then a hint on something he can see right now.

Playing the license plate game where kids have to guess which city a license plate comes from can pass the time while helping school-age children learn the names of all cities.  Make sure you take something with you that the kids can occupy themselves within the back seat.

For example, a small backpack with some good mobile entertainment might contain magnetic travel games, books, small toys, a notebook, or a colouring book with crayons.  There are also tons of great organizational gear and gadgets to buy in stores for your road trip with kids to reduce the mess, stains, and clutter in the back seat.  Several companies make organization bags and pouches with compartments for attachment to the back seat, in which you can keep all your child’s snacks and games safely and sorted.

It is also an interesting idea to take an old-fashioned paper map with you on the trip, on which the children can follow the route with a highlighter.  The children learn about geography.

In the event of an emergency during a very long journey, it also saves a few films on the smartphone or tablet, which the children can watch on the go.  Perhaps the content of these can even be related to the travel destination.  It is best to download films or audiobooks completely before you travel so that you can continue to listen or watch if the device’s internet connection is interrupted.

Don’t forget to point out interesting sights or things along the way as you drive.  The simplest things like cows and horses are sometimes the most effective at keeping little ones interested.


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Make time for breaks.  It is not only important for the children to move around on long car journeys.  Many rest areas have playgrounds, and sometimes lawns.  Make a few stops where the kids can get out of the car for a while and run around for at least 15 minutes.  A Frisbee disc or a ball brought in the car can be a nice activity to let off steam for a while.

Definitely remember to pack some snacks.  But pay attention to what you take with you for eating and snacking on the way.  Fast-food chains are fast, relatively cheap, and can be found everywhere.  That’s why it’s so easy to quickly get into a fast-food frenzy on a road trip with kids.  With a little planning, however, you can find healthier, cheaper options that kids are sure to enjoy.  Do some research beforehand and make a list of healthier restaurants that are on the way.

A picnic at a rest stop is also a great way to take a break and satisfy a small hunger.  It is best to fill a small cooler with water and snacks that are easy to eat by hand and do not cause scratches.  Whole apples and baby carrots can be a tasty, healthy snack for the whole family.  If you or your child are prone to nausea while driving, keep in mind that some foods can make nausea worse or better.  Ginger, green apples or peppermint can calm the stomach, while spicy foods only irritate it.

With a little good planning, it’s not that difficult to keep the stress factor on a road trip with children as small as possible so that you all have a great experience together.  After all, a road trip as a family is not just a boring car trip, but an adventure in which everyone participates and which you will remember fondly for a long time to come.