Even if you are not a Bruce Willis fan there are not many that do not enjoy a good piece of gossip, especially if it  includes one of the most iconic names of modern times. 


So, let’s go back to 1998, August as it happens and at this time we find Mr Bruce Willis on holiday in Scotland with four of his closest friends. 


After enjoying a round or two of golf in Prestwick the friends decide to then jump a taxi to Glasgow to enjoy some gaming at the famous Stakis Riverboat Casino. This all sounds pretty normal, right?  Well that particular night saw the then manager of the casino lose her job after ‘bending’ the rules for Mr Willis and his friends, as well as Mr Willis losing a pretty packet on the tables.


How Did This Happen? 


The thing is, that you need to be a member of a casino (Gaming Board Rules) for 24 hours before being able to have a bet, and even though Mr Willis and his friends offered to join the casino the rules still applied until they lodged a £70,000 bond, after that, they were allowed to play – which turned out to be a very bad call made by the then casino manager.


After the bond was paid Willis and his friends were given the full VIP treatment by all the Riverboat staff although this did not change the dismal run of luck on the stud poker and blackjack tables – It has been mentioned that after a full six-hour session, the Hollywood wonder was out of pocket by a tidy £30,000, we can only hope that their night was worth the cool £100,000 it cost them and that the soon to be sacked casino manager managed to find herself another line of work.


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