Without a doubt, digital technologies have a significant influence on the gambling industry development in Australia. According to research in 2015, Aussie pokies online were the champion in the ranking of the fastest-improving market segments. By 2025, this niche is believed to reach its maximum ultimate power. 

The results may turn out to be even more impressive than expected since Australia is definitely one of the first countries that come into mind when gambling is discussed. Statistical data only proves that — over eighty percent of the land’s population are engaged in such online activities at least to some extent.

However, the situation isn’t that simple in the region, and these peculiarities will help interested parties understand why this sphere is so beloved by locals. Let’s get it started!

Interactive Wagering in Australia


Taking into account the rate of gambling participation in the Land Down Under, it is hard to believe gaming for money is actually heavily controlled and prohibited in several ways. There are both state and federal authorities that regulate how accessible and widespread the offered option is among the population. The majority of laws and instructions for players and service providers to follow are created at the state level.

One of the most well-known commissions is the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, which is a must to be aware of. One thing is to know that gambling is allowed for participants not younger than eighteen years old (it is the same across the land), and another is to be familiar with essential restrictions that influence the development of the sector dramatically. That’s how gamblers can get protected from further risks this industry offers to its fans.

But let’s come back to the IGA. Its target is to eliminate any percentage of service providers who represent or advertise gambling solutions for real fiat money to Australians and non-residents who are physically on the territory of the country. Under this regulation, it is also offensive to do the following:

  • It is forbidden to share unlicensed services of this kind with the local population.
  • It is banned to distribute Aussie pokies and alternative gaming options to consumers that are residents of designated lands.

This law is a ground reason why the interest in offshore deals has increased that much. In 2010, the market of online gambling in Australia could be equivalent to about $800 million. That year’s report confirmed the previously mentioned statement — the value of the industry thus decreased, and its growth speed was reduced.

However, the IGA doesn’t only harm the way the gambling market develops in the analyzed region. Under its terms, only licensed providers can offer their services without breaking the law. It is also a certain form of protection for customers since suspicious platforms or websites with unscrupulous business practices are simply banned.

To stay on the safe side, customers are better to recheck if the system they want to deal with is on the register. Local services are bound to Australian protections and laws. In turn, customers who face any difficulties or issues with such a place are welcome to solve their disputes with the help of authorities.

Popular Gambling activities for Aussies


There are various forms that gambling can take, and not all of them are equally sought-after in Australia. The list of entertainment deals that cause a desire to take a punt in a risky Australian soul includes the following:

  • Online and offline poker tournaments — participating in Omaha, Texas hold’em, and other types of poker and monitoring who is going to become a champion in the premium poker competitions are equally fascinating for Aussies. Solutions that offer cash-game structures are especially complimented.
  • Horse racing betting — it isn’t under debate that this spectator sport is extremely famous in Australia. A pastime of this kind involves a significant amount of betting. Just in 2010, over fourteen billion Australian dollars were wagered on racing.
  • Sports betting. Apart from horse racing, Aussies are commonly interested in netball, cricket, tennis, NRL, and AFL, as well as soccer and basketball. Correspondingly, betting activities on these positions is high.
  • Lotto and Scratch-it tickets — the highest amount that is available to be won depends on a particular institution. While some solutions offer around ten thousand Australian dollars, others have increased the final prize pool up to twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred thousand dollars (and that’s not the limit).
  • Pokies — in a typical legal casino in this land, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a vast divergence of games and different versions of popular layouts. Although there are some unique formats that are based on the local cultural charm, the majority of solutions will resemble the best deals any other internet-based establishments across the world will offer. Taking into account modern platforms give access to thousands of pokies, you will definitely find what suits your interests and budget most.
  • Casino gaming — this format is considered to be among the dominant source of revenue. Although the popularity of different options in several parts of Australia isn’t the same, online gambling of this kind is gaining momentum and isn’t likely to give up its tempo of development.

What to Expert from the Australian Gambling Market in the Future

Some analytical data shows that the average resident of the country gambles over a thousand Australian dollars. In comparison, the average U.S. adult spends around a hundred dollars per year on the same pastime. There is still a high number of entertainment venues that satisfy the desire of local people to have fun and check how lucky they are.

In fact, Australia is among the pioneers that prepared gambling-friendly legislation forms. Although the world-famous Interactive Gambling Act seems to forbid a lot, it still supports numerous activities at the same time, making this activity more than a tricky adventure. Since technological development can’t help but improve UI and UX designs of target systems, the risk of gambling will fade in the nearest decade is unlikely.

It is more than just a popular means of amusement. The Australian government does its best to resolve the gambling addiction issue and help vulnerable parties whenever needed. For instance, an initiative to exclude your membership from different online establishments was introduced back in 2019.  The minimum period of non-attendance is three months, while the maximum one is a lifetime.

There are more and more platforms that introduce face-recognition technology to their domains. This step is required to reduce the number of under-aged participants in the gambling community in Australia. This initiative is legally authorized.

Wrap It Up

Someone may consider the presence of law restrictions and bans towards online gambling a huge obstacle for the gambling industry to shine bright in Australia. However, the reality is quite the opposite — this market is one of the most advanced and developed in the world. As practice shows, taking control over the field’s development influences the course of events: while the competitiveness degree in the market keeps on increasing, the same relates to the quality of the services provided. The path to turning into a better, safer, and healthier place for everyone has been chosen.



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