How to Keep Your Employees Safe: 6 Must-Read Tips

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Every employer has a responsibility to protect its employees in the workplace, when on the road, or during business travel.

Yet, many large and small companies are guilty of failing to safeguard their staff members, which can lead to unnecessary accidents, low morale, and even legal action. If you want to protect your team at all costs, check out these six must-read tips on how to keep your employees safe.

  1. Perform Training and Safety Drills

Most organisations must run periodic training and safety drills to ensure every staff member knows the key steps to take in an emergency. For instance, you must practice evacuations for an onsite emergency, such as a chemical spill, fire, or terrorist incident. Also, ensure your employees know the exact locations of fire extinguishers and first-aid kits.

  1. Adopt Lean Techniques

Lean philosophy focuses on removing waste in a process, which can support organisation and productivity. This method cannot only improve business efficiency, but a clutter-free, clean environment can reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries.

It focuses on taking a proactive approach to business operations, as employees must clean spills immediately, remove trip hazards, and use tools that will eliminate errors.

  1. Introduce a Travel Management Solution

Companies of every size must protect every employee during working hours. For this reason, you must take the steps to keep your staff safe and secure during business travel. By introducing a travel management solution, your business travellers will have 27/7 support to allow them to enjoy a stress-free, smooth experience.

It can help your business navigate potential visa and passport obstacles or help an employee find a lost laptop or adjust their schedule for a flight delay.

  1. Consult Occupational Clinicians to Identify Risks

Prevent various workplace injuries by consulting an occupational clinician.

After visiting your worksite, they can identify and report specific areas that could increase an employee’s risk of an injury. What’s more, they could help you screen job candidates to ensure you hire the right employee for a physically demanding role, which can prevent an injury on site.

  1. Recognise Safety Champions

It is a smart idea to recognise and praise employees who take health and safety seriously in their role. It will help your business develop a positive safety culture, as it can increase the chances of other staff members following the same behaviours in the workplace.

Plus, praising employees for excelling in their roles can increase morale and business loyalty.

  1. Encourage Regular Breaks

Every company should encourage its staff members to take a regular break, from offices to construction sites. It will not only allow your employees to stretch their legs and loosen up their joints, which can decrease repetitive motion injury risks, but it can help them take a mental break from a task.

As a result, it can support their mental health, increase focus once they return to work, and prove the brand cares about its employees’ health and wellbeing.


If you are looking for ways to ensure the safety of your staff, you need to implement the above six tips.