Best Day Trips Around Paisley

Paisley food Festival

As Scotland’s largest town, Paisley is renowned for its weaving industry and for being home to the infamous ‘paisley pattern’. However, this charming town is also known for its great location and proximity to other tourist destinations in the southern areas of Scotland. If you’re interested in day trips in and around Paisley, below are some of the most popular.

Why Day Trips?

Due to its location in the central Lowlands of Scotland, Paisley and its surrounding areas provide much to see and to. Day trips are fantastic ways to see the local countryside and to explore the neighbouring towns and cities in a few short hours. While train travel is an option, day trips are sometimes best done by car as it gives you the freedom to go off the beaten track and to pack additional things if you’re heading to the beach or the Highlands. However, there are a few considerations before you jump off in your car, particularly if you’re driving an old vehicle. You will need to ensure that the car you use is in tip-top shape, especially during the winter, to deal with any contingencies on the road. For those that don’t have a car, it is highly recommended that you change this, as it will transform your day trip experience. To make sure you get a car that is worth its money, complete an HPI check at https://www.cardatachecks.co.uk/ and ensure that you are getting a car that won’t let you down while on the road.

With your car sorted, checked, and ready to go, these are some of the best day trips you can experience.

Troon Beach

With summer in full swing, you may want to take advantage of Paisley’s proximity to Troon, a vibrant coastal town that is only a 45-minute drive away. Situated in a quaint, picturesque bay, Troon is home to a sandy beach and an array of cafes, boutique shops, and quirky bars. Windsurfing is also popular in Troon, making it a fun and active place to visit if you’re an outdoor enthusiast.


For those more city-inclined, Glasgow is a short commute from Paisley and offers much to see and do. As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is home to an abundance of historical sights, unique architecture, and museums. Situated on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow also offers something for casino enthusiasts. The Casino Riverboat, for example, provides a Gatsby-themed atmosphere for those who want to play their hand at a game of roulette or poker. Or, if gambling isn’t your thing, there is also the Glasgow Science Centre and the Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery to explore.


If you’re keen on a more rustic adventure, Glencoe is a brilliant way to get a taste of the Scottish Highlands. This beautiful area is a two-hour drive from Paisley, which is why you need to ensure that your car is in tip-top condition, but the unspoiled wilderness of Glencoe makes the long journey worth it. Glencoe is awash with numerous nature and hiking trails, and it is also home to Loch Level Castle, a structure that is said to be built in the year 1300! Regardless of what you do in Glencoe, the beauty of this place is unrivalled.

Inveraray Castle

Another must-see day trip is Inveraray Castle, an hour’s drive away from Paisley. This medieval structure is a popular tourist destination and has served as the backdrop to numerous films and TV shows. Built in 1743, Inveraray Castle is one of the earliest known works of Gothic Revival architecture and its landscaped gardens are a tourist destination on their own. Tours are available through the castle so you can see what life was like during those times, providing a great outing for a day-trip adventure.