When you decide to get yourself a new puppy, you’ll need to keep a lot of important factors in mind before you bring the new animal home. There’s the fact that not every animal might enjoy the space you are living in, which means that you might want to make some changes and adjustments. Then, there is also the fact that certain dogs are pretty high maintenance while others require less attention, which means that your overall lifestyle will play a huge role in choosing your breed.

Of course, the thing you might be worried about the most is the fact that your dog might not get along well with the people around you, which can cause some unpleasant situations, especially when you are socializing and you want your pet to be there too. There are certainly various dog breeds out there and it’s true that not all of them are quite crazy about people in general, but here’s the good news. If you are looking for a canine that will be friendly towards everyone, you will most definitely be able to find one.

Now, you should understand that the level of their friendliness will also depend on the way you raise the animal. You cannot keep the puppy away from people and have it see nothing but your face every single day and then expect it to be happy and friendly around other people. If you don’t socialize your animal properly, it will start fearing people, which can lead to aggressive behavior around strangers and that’s basically what you are trying to avoid. So, the first thing you should keep in mind is that socializing your pet the right way is of utmost importance.

There is no doubt, however, that some breeds are generally friendlier towards people than the others. As much as this depends on the animal’s upbringing process, it also depends on their overall characters and personalities. What does that mean precisely? Well, let me put it this way. If you want a friendly canine, you’ll need to train it properly, but you will also need to choose the right breed for you.

In case you aren’t that knowledgeable about the characteristics of various breeds, it might be a bit difficult for you to determine which particular dog could be friendly around other people and other pets and which one wouldn’t enjoy their company. Well, I can completely understand if you are slightly confused and unable to make this choice right away, which is why I’ve decided to help you out. Beagles, Labrador retrievers, French bulldogs and Golden retrievers are in my opinion the friendliest dog breeds that will get along with everyone. In fact restedpaws.co.uk names the golden retriever as the best dog to bring into a family.  Below you will find a list of some of the friendliest dog breeds that will get along with everyone, so feel free to choose one from the list and get yourself a puppy.

You can find information regarding that here as well: https://www.thedelite.com/the-friendliest-dog-breeds/