How One Scottish Business is Turning Bottles to Boxers

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We know this might sound a little bit strange right off the bat but yes, your old bottles are being recycled and reused to create boxers. You could be strutting around in last month’s Coke bottles and you wouldn’t even know it!

What’s the big idea?

The simplicity behind the idea is what makes it work so very well. Essentially you are killing two birds with one stone. 

While recycling leads to less CO2 emissions and generally less harmful material scattered around the earth, there is a secondary effect of reusing plastic bottles for fabric.

This is where the business steps in by purchasing recycled fabric and then manufacturing boxers. Now you can save the world one pair of boxers at a time!

This business model is a true driver towards sustainability in the world of clothing and plastic.

How do they do it?

Let’s take a deeper look at the process behind recycling and what some of the key steps are that turn bottles into boxers.

The process is called The RePet re-polymerization process. It all starts with the collection of plastic bottles from the end-users and these bottles are placed into the vibration separator and sorted. 

Next, the labels will be removed and the bottles will go into the crusher. They exit as clean plastic flakes and are then dehydrated. 

Now the plastic is ready for polymerization (a chemical process in which the plastic is altered) and will create PET (a substance found in plastic that is valuable for recycling) flakes.

Nearing the end of the process, PET will be melted and woven into polyester yarn which will then be taken and manufactured into fabrics.

This fabric is then used to create the boxers.

Saving the environment

We all know the importance of the environment and what will happen if we do not respect and care for our beautiful world. 

It’s truly magnificent to see the effort and hard work going into creating a more sustainable clothing industry and you can begin your journey to be a part of that change when you click here.

By recycling bottles there is far less pressure to source fabrics from anywhere else which has a huge trickle-down effect when it comes to reducing costs, time, and environmental impact.

Emitting less harmful emissions and saving energy are two more examples of how this process of turning bottles into boxers is changing the way clothing companies are sourcing their fabric.

Wrapping it up

Going green is seen as the way forward and for good reason! 

When looking at how much polyester fibre you need to make a pair of boxers, you can see that it’s surprisingly low! 

For a super low input of four 2L plastic bottles, you can just imagine how many pairs of boxers can be made which will save the environment and keep you feeling snug and comfortable all at the same time.

Make sure your next pair of tighty-whities saves the world!