Best Tennis Racquets For Advanced Players

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Players improve their skills through continuous practice. And throughout the years, they’ll gradually rise from being a beginner to an advanced level.

So, proper gear like racquets for advanced players must be accessible at all times. It’s not a secret that equipment plays a massive role in the performance of athletes.

If you’d like to hear our thoughts about our preferred tennis racquets, feel free to browse the top picks below.

Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Racquets

The Speed Pro presents an 18×20 string pattern combined with the 62-RA stiffness, so players could achieve complete control on each swing they make.

It has an additional livelier and thicker 23mm bean. Apart from that, the manufacturers made sure to update the critical feature of the Graphene 360+ technology for a powerful performance and added stability thanks to the lower head’s SpiralFibers so that the racquet won’t have a problem bending at impact optimally.

Starting from the baseline, the player is rewarded with full swings in a laser-like trajectory, followed by a pinpoint accuracy.

Though this model is heavier than the last release, it’s still slightly improved in driving the ball across the court or redirecting the game’s pace. 

Speed Pro would be a good tool for service returns, solid counterpunches, and blocks for that aggressive response to opponents.

To summarize, this model is compatible with players who are keen on having a traditional feeling yet still achieve strong finishing points.

Babolat Pure Aero Plus Racquets

The Pure Aero Plus is perfect for the aggressive ball strikers since the racquet was manufactured with an additional half-inch in length, which players often find challenging to swing. However, it also provides a significant impact during service.

With an updated Cortex technology, Babolat successfully achieved a more advanced dampening compound. The company also had an idea to reposition the optimal location higher, which resulted in a softer feel of impact.

Some essential accessories were also introduced, such as the FSI Spin technology to employ a wider string spacing in oblong grommets at 12 or 6’o clock for a maximum snapback and string movement.

Moreover, it’s excellent at redirecting or absorbing the attack of big hitters due to its heavier dynamic weight.

On the other hand, serving using this racquet provides a significant amount of strength, owing to the extended length of the material.

Overall, this model is suitable for big hitters who would like to take an offensive stance in the play. Not only that, they could give a service return in great force. In addition, it’s stable enough to block first serves and take full swings against the second serves.

Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v7 racquet

Wilson took the lead by releasing Blade 98 in a minimalist and elegant cosmetic with a finish that is precisely similar to the original launched with the iconic Federer’s Pro Staff Autograph.

With a slightly more headlight balance than the past releases, the increase of the packed swing weight made progress in the plow-through.

Meanwhile, the 62RA, known as FeelFlex technology, included torsional stability to help bend the movement of the racquet as to compliment a modern swing path—which is like a combination of power and spin.

Additional leverage for the two-handed backhand players was provided as the more extended grip taper feature was placed on the top of the handle, assisting in enhanced hand positioning.

Even though the 334-RDC swing weight is quite demanding, it rewards dividends by offering a pace redirection for the big-hitting competitor or guides to drive the ball in the court. Plus, the racquet isn’t pushed around, so there’s a great touch when it comes to dropping the ball on a dime.

The 330+ swing weight keeps the racquet steady on blocks, counterpunches, and chips for service returns.

It’s simply perfect for those who crave traditional touch and still have outstanding control throughout the play.

Kudos to Wilson company for including a high plow through in this model! You would get the idea that the players’ experience is their priority.