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Summer is upon us, which can only mean two things. Barbecues and beer!

Those two words go as perfectly together as sand and sea. 

While they’re a staple of the summer months, having dozens of beers at every barbecue you attend usually comes with adding some extra calories. Obviously, this isn’t ideal if you were trying to lose weight for that summer beach body!

Well, the good news is that non alcoholic lager is here to save the day!

Studies show that most people are now opting for low calorie and low alcohol beer across the UK. This is so they can feel at ease with having the same beer they love and enjoy, but without getting tipsy in the process. 

Most importantly, they come with the added bonus of not putting on the calories found in normal alcoholic lager.

Designated Driver Need Not Worry Anymore

Drivers who still want to drink their beloved Tennent’s lager are being cautious of their alcohol intake whilst enjoying a barbecue at a friend’s house. As such, beer companies across the globe are catching up with the demand for non-alcoholic beer. 

It is a task that has proven successful for most beer companies as people are buying more and more alcohol-free beer, knowing that they get the same delicious taste, while only consuming around 60 calories per bottle. This is a win-win situation for designated drivers who are also watching their waistline!

Curbing those Calories at Your Next Barbecue

Trying to cut down on the calorie intake at a barbecue can seem like mission impossible, especially when double cheeseburgers, hotdogs with fried onions and ketchup are on the go. 

However, the time has come for a change in approach. Prepare yourself in advance – knowing what you are going to eat before you arrive at the event will make a difference to what and how much you will eat. Ask if there will be salads and grilled vegetables at the barbecue.

Skip the bread, high sugar sauces, and cheese when eating burgers, chicken, or hotdogs. Bring some veggies like bell pepper, aubergine and courgette for grilling on the BBQ. If you are hosting the event, it becomes easier as you can control what food is going to be eaten.

A low-calorie barbecue is simple, just grill whole fresh chickens, make fresh burgers, roast some veggies, fruits, and prepare salads with boiled potatoes, and voila. Simple tasty food without the added calories.

Desserts and Soft Drinks are your Enemies

We all know as adults that soft drinks and desserts are full of sugar and don’t do anything great for our bodies, yet when barbecue time comes around, the thinking process goes out of the window and party mode steps in.

Just think, for every soft drink you take, that’s over 100 calories, and for every dessert, it is equal to or more than this per portion. 

So make water, low-calorie drinks, like natural fruit juice, alcohol-free beer your new best friend, and start practising eating fruit salads instead of ice cream and cheesecake. Now you are ready to tackle the next barbecue event while keeping an eye on the calories!

As you can see, it is not as hard as you may first think to keep the calories low now that barbecue season is upon us. Additionally, with the help of alcohol-free lager, it is even easier to enjoy your time knowing that you don’t need to worry about driving home.