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Do you commute to work on a bicycle? If so, now is the perfect time to think about investing in a foldable bike.

You’ll discover that these advantages are possible when you invest in a modern foldable for your transportation needs.

1. You can take it with you.

A foldable bike weighs about the same as a loaded briefcase. Once you arrive at your destination, you can fold it into a convenient size to take with you to the office. That means there’s less of a risk that it will get stolen since it will stay in your possession throughout the day.

2. It offers convenience.

Folding bikes typically have a smaller profile. That means it’s easier to use them on sidewalks or along tight bike lanes on the road. You can achieve the same speeds as a standard bicycle while expanding your overall transportation range. Since the frame sits lower, you won’t feel like you’re trying to prevent a fall while in the saddle.

3. You can accelerate quickly.

Since most folding bikes use smaller wheels, you won’t need to worry about a slow start while crossing a street. It takes less effort to get the bicycle moving, allowing you to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. That’s why it is the perfect investment to consider for anyone who already walks to work.

4. It provides a practical option.

You can ride a foldable to the train, break it down, and take your seat. This technology lets you take advantage of public transportation’s lower costs while delivering the freedom and independence desired when you want to explore.

5. A folding bike stores almost anywhere.

Even if you live in a small flat, a foldable bike fits somewhere convenient. The bicycles can hang from hooks, tuck into closets, or lean against the wall. Many models will even slide under the bed. You won’t need to give up living space to accommodate this investment.

6. They have lower maintenance costs.

Folding bicycles often cost less to maintain. All you need to do is keep the chain oiled and the lights charged to ensure a safe riding experience occurs. Even if something happens to the bike, repair costs are typically lower than other modes of transportation.

7. You get some exercise.

When you commute to work on a folding bike, you’re getting some extra exercise each day. Although it takes more effort to get there compared to driving, you’ll avoid the pollution that comes from exhaust systems with this investment. If you’re trying to become healthier, a foldable can help you reach your goals.

8. It helps you make social connections.

Although foldables have been around for some time, you’ll be surprised by the number of people who have never seen one. You’ll get to meet new people who want to know what your bike is and where they can get one.

9. Foldables are affordable.

The price you’ll pay for a foldable bike varies on the brand, features, and style, but it’s typically a cost-effective investment. You’ll pay about the same price as you would for a traditional bicycle without getting the storage-related benefits.

10. They are easy to use.

It only takes about 30 minutes of practice to become familiar with the folding technologies incorporated with these bikes. Once you have it put together, the ride will feel the same as it does in any other saddle.

A folding bike doesn’t depreciate as quickly as other bicycles. When you want to invest in yourself, consider grabbing this set of wheels so that you can go wherever the day takes you.