A mobile bar adds extra spices to any kind of party. It has been a trend in recent times to have a mobile cocktail bar to entertain guests. Since the bar is portable, you can book one for any event anywhere. If you are planning a party in your backyard or a venue, a mobile bar is a must object to include in your budget. You can hire one with or without a bartender for your next event. Though all mobile cocktail bars are designed for the same purpose, their variation suits different occasions. 


Variations of mobile bars

You might go through a fascinating experience while booking one since there are a ton of variations. Here are a few of them that are commonly seen.

  • Tap trucks: Tap trucks are always gorgeous and suit almost any kind of event. This mobile bar is good for medium to large size parties. Besides, it can provide almost all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Most tap trucks are designed for self-service. So, it is a good option if you want to avoid the extra headache.


  • Airstream bar: This is perhaps the coolest and most common mobile bar around the world. Its metallic look and shape add an extra vibe to your event. The best thing about the portable bar is you can use it as a food truck too. This is something like killing two birds with one stone. Airstream bars are also good for keeping things organized since guests stand in line to pick foods and drinks.


  • Horse trailer: People with a minimalist mind like a horse trailer. The bar is simply built but can be used for multipurpose. This portable bar is suitable to serve beer, champagne, cocktail, coffee, tea, and more. Besides, it is easily moveable from one place to another. If decorated nicely, the horse trailer becomes an excellent photography background.


  • Piaggio caravan: The theme of caravan mobile bar is developed from 1950’s caravan campers. But, it creates a royal vibe in any sort of event. The bar is small which can be parked anywhere comfortably. Caravan bars come with up to seven taps that pour beer and cocktail with different tastes.


  • Standalone bars: This is nothing but a static bar on trolly wheels. They are made of light objects to move easily. Some standalone bars are detachable to make them more portable. Since they come with variations, this kind of mobile bar suits any event. If you arrange a party at night, an LED mobile bar must draw all guests’ attention. 

A few other things to consider

If a mobile bar hire through you, consider a few things earlier. If you are planning to arrange a party in a large venue, make sure the mobile bar has an engine. Otherwise, it will create serious trouble while moving from one place to another.


Make sure what type of bar is being hired. Some mobile bars come with mixed drinks that may take extra time to create the drink. It would be a good decision to avoid such bars for a large number of guests.


You should also consider the number of taps of the bar so that it doesn’t make a crowd around the bar.

Which one is more suitable?

There is nothing to think more about while hiring one. You can book any mobile bar for any event. Tap trucks, horse trailers, and Piaggio caravan are definitely good options for wedding parties. They create awesome photography backgrounds too. On the other hand, airstream bars are excellent for corporate events since it serves both food and drink. If it is a simple private party at night, you can hire a standalone LED mobile bar to create an amazing theme.


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