Hot tubs are relaxing and luxurious amenities that many of us love to enjoy. Hot tub breaks are popular in the UK because of their health benefits and Instagram-worthy appeal. It’s not just the people in the UK that badly need a fantastic getaway and a break from all the stress, people all over the world share the same need for relaxation and recreation. Hotels, luxury cottages, wilderness lodges, and other properties for rent that have hot tubs have increased in number as more people are looking for places where they can spend a relaxing, stylish, and romantic break. 

To help narrow your search for places where you can spend a wonderful staycation, we will share some of the top hot tub breaks in the UK that you can try out.

The Clover Lodge, Redlake Farm, Somerset

Hot-tub lodges are popular in the county of Somerset. It offers a relaxing view of the rolling hills and the verdant countryside. Close to the town of Somerton is Redlake Farm – an idyllic yet luxurious location where the Clover Lodge stands. The majestic green expanse surrounding the lodge makes it a perfect location for hot tub breaks and getting away from the stresses of city life. You and your other half or your whole family will immediately feel the refreshing change of atmosphere and laid back pace of country living. 

Clover Lodge is also an excellent retreat option as it is located near the town of Glastonbury, which has an enchanting rural charm. The majestic Cheddar Gorge is also within reach from the lodge, which is ideal for those who love the great outdoors and connect with nature. Also, the historic city of Wells is just a short drive away from the lodge and is a perfect place to take leisurely walks while marveling at the historic structures like the Wells Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace.

Calthwaite Hall Lodges

If you’re looking for some exclusivity and a closer connection with nature, look no farther than Calthwaite Hall. This idyllic country retreat will let you experience rural life and a chance to temporarily escape the busy city life. It has a breathtaking view of the rolling hills, rugged mountain peaks, and the vast, verdant plains surrounding the lodge. You also have the option to choose from indoor and outdoor hot tubs, depending on your preference. If you are on a romantic getaway with your significant other, the outdoor hot tub is a luxurious and romantic choice where couples can soak up and relax while watching the sun go down and enjoying champagne under the stars.

Worried about being disconnected from the city? No worries. The countryside lodges here have modern amenities and devices to make you feel like you’re not far from home. The lodges come with flat-screen TVs, WiFi connections, fully-fitted kitchens, lounge areas, bathrooms, and an outdoor terrace where you can hang out. You’ll never have to worry about being left behind on your favorite shows or online activities.

Hot tubs are best enjoyed after taking a stroll around the countryside. Calthwaite is a quaint little village where you can enjoy the rural scenery, taste traditional British dishes, and drink up local ales, cider, wine, and spirits. 

Reflection Cumbria

If you and your other half love the great outdoors and exploring nature up close, head North to Longtown – a town in northern Cumbria, England. There, you will find Reflection Cumbria – a magnificent holiday cottage that reflects the beautiful scenery around it. The stylish architecture and contemporary interior designs stand in harmony with the idyllic rural setting the majestic natural landscape around the cottage. 

Reflection is located within the Lake District National Park and is a short drive away from Ullswater and Keswick – two renowned attractions in northern Cumbria. Keswick is a great place where you can enjoy tasty food and wine and play outdoor sports. Ullswater is also an excellent place for outdoor adventure that will give you an adrenaline rush to release your stress.

You’ll enjoy the outdoor hot tubs that Reflection offers, as it gives you an amazing front-row seat in witnessing the beauty of nature. It’s a nice feeling to soak up in the therapeutic warm hot tub water after hiking, cycling, or countryside strolling the whole. Adding to the comfort and relaxation are the luxurious amenities of the cottage, such as a shower room, a lounge area, a stylish kitchen, and a double bed. 

Little Eden Country Park

If a romantic coastal atmosphere has a strong appeal to you and your significant other, then Little Eden Country Park is an excellent place to take a refreshing hot tub break. Just head east to the coastal town of Bridlington to find the spacious coastal lodges of this park. Just 4 kilometers away from the town center, you can find privacy, exclusivity, and a change of scenery that you want. You’ll get a breathtaking view of the sea, the rugged cliffed coasts, and a romantic coastal sunrise and sunset just outside of the lodges in the park. 

The lodges are also close to South Beach, where you and your other half can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, trail hiking, and fishing. Bridlington is known as the “Lobster Capital of Europe”, and you can enjoy sumptuous lobster and other seafood treats during your staycation. This coastal town also has various shops, historical sites, and museums to offer, along with the relaxing scenery of a typical British seaside community.

After a long day of exploring the sights, sounds, food, and experiences at the nearby towns, the lodges are your relaxing retreat to sit back and unwind. The wooden interior, comfortable sofa, lounge area, and fully equipped kitchen will make you and your other half fall in love with coastal life. Topping it all off is the lodge’s outdoor hot tub that will give you a fantastic view of the coast, sea, sunset, and the stars while soaking up the warm water and sipping champagne or wine.


There are plenty of other locations around the UK that are just as amazing as the ones we shared here. When it comes to hot tub breaks, any location that catches your fancy and has great accommodation can be a great place for a hot tub escape. The idea of having a list of top hot tub breaks can be subjective at times, and you can make your list based on your experience. So go out, explore, and find great places for a relaxing and enjoyable hot tub break.