As we try to maximise our efficiency and productivity and do everything we need, the gruelling Monday through Friday maelstrom takes a toll on our energy and general well-being. 

More than ever, recharging our batteries over the weekend is a real must. Use your Saturdays and Sundays to have fun and relax and consider these six ideas to feel refreshed after your days off and be ready for the week ahead.

Unplug From Tech

Nowadays, many of us tend to constantly check our phones, computers, Apple Watches, iPads and other devices. Being constantly connected scatters your attention, draining valuable energy as you try to relax and recharge. Therefore, over your weekend, set aside a couple of hours throughout the day as “no tech” time. You will be surprised by the feeling of relief that comes with limiting the time you spend on your gadgets.

Ideally, you should also disconnect from work and resist the temptation to check your emails or make work-related phone calls; otherwise, you will be opening the door to anxiety and stress, making it difficult for you to refocus and recharge. A good work-life balance is not only crucial for overall wellness and reducing the likelihood of burnout during the week, but it is also important for physical and mental health. 

If your job allows, try keeping your phone off or at least putting your phone on silent with an audible alert for urgent messages only. In case you really need to work, consider limiting it to two hours a weekend or setting aside one weekend a month at a time that doesn’t interfere with your plans.


Engage In Some Gentle Exercise

One of the best weekend activities is to just get up and move! Physical activity is a great tool for getting in touch with your senses that also strengthen your muscles, improve your mood and lower certain health risks.

No matter if you enjoy working out in the gym or doing yoga and pilates at home, remember that any movement is better than leading a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. You will have to take your shoes off though and put them in your yoga mat bag.  Even something as easy as light walking can have a huge impact on both longevity and the quality of your life.


Try New Recipes

Taking the time to learn different recipes and experiment with new, tasty dishes can make a big difference for your loved ones while also having a therapeutic effect on the chef. To do so, you can watch online lessons from different world-class and celebrity chefs or take cooking courses to try out something unusual or simply bring your cooking skills and techniques to the next level. As an added bonus, setting aside some time over the weekend to prepare tasty yet simple meals will also ensure a smooth start to your week.


Organise A Movie Marathon

Organising a movie night at home is a popular way to spend a nice and cosy evening, particularly after a long, busy week. But why bother wasting money and time on going to the cinema when you can enjoy a perfect movie marathon from the comfort of your own home. And let’s not forget about social distancing requirements.

Whether you prefer to watch a movie with your family member, invite your close friends, have a date with your loved one or simply take some ‘me’ time, a movie is a great idea to relax and help take your mind off things. Check out a selection of your favourite movies or discover new releases and put your feet up for hours of a good time and a nice laugh.


Try Out CBD Products

No matter if you prefer to relax with a soothing tea or pamper yourself with a delicious snack while reading, this particular supplement can come in handy during your weekends. Due to its potential positive effect on your complex endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol (CBD) can help to bring your bodily functions in balance, therefore, providing needed relief from your ailments.

CBD products can be useful for reducing anxiety, improving mood, relieving pain and aches and promoting relaxation and better sleep – everything you need to unwind during your days off and be ready for the week ahead. Also, you can find this beneficial compound in many formats, such as CBD vape oil, tinctures, capsules and different edibles like gummies, tea or cookies. 


Follow A Passion

Often, most of the work during the week is boring and mundane. Whether it’s reading, meditating or knitting, devoting time to your favourite hobbies over the weekend allows you to take a break from work, which can ultimately help you recover from a stressful week.

In case you haven’t found your passionate hobby yet, you can use your free time to abandon your comfort zone and try out various activities. It could be something as simple as cross stitching, colouring an adult colouring book or scrapbooking. Or you can choose an activity that takes a little longer to master, such as playing an instrument, dancing or painting.