Travelling the world is fascinating we cannot take that away. But have you ever sat down on or before you travel and looked at some of the places that you want to visit? What they like to eat and their origins in general? If you haven’t, now is the best time to do it and if you have not, we give some pretty interesting facts about some of the most common travel destinations in the world.

The Ethiopian Calendar

Ethiopia is a very interesting travel destination it will give  you a chance to play real money casinos online in peace. It has some sites that are to die for and are breathtakingly amazing. But did you know that Ethiopia has its own calendar? The Calendar that is followed by Ethiopia is actually 7 to 8 years behind and is called the Julian calendar. And through that calendar, they have 13 months and have a separate date for New Year.

Japan Has Delay Certificates

The Japanese railways are believed to be the fastest in the world, and they are proud of that reputation. They make sure that they maintain it as well, so much that they will hand out a delay certificate to explain why you are late if the train has not arrived in time.

There Are Countries With No Rivers

For many nations in the world having a river is normal and people believe that all countries have rivers. But in actual fact, there are 17 countries, including Saudi Arabia that do not have any rivers. So instead, they get to enjoy real money pokies online games that have rivers as symbols.

Alcohol in Russia

If you love drinking, then Russia is definitely the place that you need to travel to. In fact, it was not until 2011 that Russia considered beer to be alcohol. Before then any drink with less than 10% alcohol was considered to be a foodstuff.