If you want to improve your home with some automated devices and systems, you can use linear actuators. Linear actuators are easy to use in all types of home automation projects, they aren’t so expensive as ready items, and the projects with them can be impressive, indeed.

Thus, here are some of the most popular and easiest projects with linear actuators. They will help you to make your home smarter and your life – more convenient. For some projects, you might use industrial electric linear actuators.

A Height-Adjustable Desk

Now, a trend of buying a height-adjustable desk for one`s home office isn’t something unusual. It is not surprising. Height-adjustable desks are known for their benefits for health. However, a ready desk is an expensive item, not everybody can afford it. That’s why more people opt for building an own desk rather than for buying one.

To build a height-adjustable desk, you need a lifting system and a desktop. You can use your desktop from a desk that you have had or order a new one.

Install the desktop on the lifting system. Make the needed adjustments. Arrange the cables. Now, you can start using your new height-adjustable desk.

A Lifting Column for Kitchen Devices

This project is especially useful for those who want to keep their kitchen functional and have all the needed devices that facilitate the life of somebody responsible for cooking and cleaning up.

A hidden lifting column allows you to purchase and install any device you want. You don’t need to assign any special place for it. Fix a lifting column, and make the device hide when you aren’t using it.

You can buy a lifting column or make one from an actuator. The lifting column is then installed in one of the kitchen cabinets:

  • In the cabinet top, make an opening to let the device pass when you are going to use it. The piece of the cabinet top that you cut out can be used for the lifting platform or to make a cap to close the opening when the column is in the retracted position.
  • Now, fix the platform on the column, and install the device on the platform. Fix the device properly to prevent is falling and breaking down.
  • Now, install the cap to close the opening when the device isn’t in use.

That’s it, the system is ready-to-use.

A TV Lift

A TV lift is a dream of many people. But once more, not everybody can afford it. Thus, the item has been considered a luxury item for quite a long time. Now, you can make one instead of buying a ready piece.

You might opt for a lifting system. Then, the project is a little bit more expensive but you almost don’t need any skills to build the TV lift. Another option is to buy a couple of actuators and make the lift system completely on your own. Then, you need to know how to work with wood, MDF, or any other material from which you are going to make your TV lift with a cabinet for the TV set.

Once you have chosen the lift system, you can start with the installation works:

  • In a cabinet, make an opening through which the TV set will be moving up and down.
  • Fix the lift system on the bottom inside of the cabinet. It shall be aligned with the opening at the top.
  • Install the TV set on the lift system and test it.
  • If all works smoothly, tighten the bolts, hide cables, and that’s it.

If you have chosen a couple of actuators instead of a ready lift system, you need to find a way to fix them to the TV set. The best option is to make a cabinet for the device and to fix the actuators to the cabinet bottom. This will increase the installation weight, thus, consider it when buying the actuators. also, the opening in the cabinet top shall be wider to make the entire TV cabinet pass. Thus, consider fixing a cap on the opening to close it when the TV set isn’t in use. Another option is to adjust the TV cabinet length and width in order to make it close the opening when the TV is hidden.

Now, you can install the TV set in the cabinet, test it, and if it works nicely, tighten the bolts and hide the cables. That’s it, your lifting system is ready to be used.

What else do you want to automate? The number of projects is limitless. What about making a convenient storage place under your bed or sofa? Or what about fixing your old shelves by dividing them in half and making the backside drop down when you need to store something and hide when it is not in use? Check ideas online, and turn your home into a place where everything serves you in the best way.