Professional bettors know that there are no foolproof bets. Even a detailed pre-match analysis does not guarantee a win. Although it is unrealistic to avoid all losses, one can minimize the risk of losing. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to do this is live event insurance.

The editorial staff of the online edition invite you to look into the essence of insurance and its practicality in a particular case. For example, a player bets on the favourite in a home match before the start of the event. However, during the game, the bettor realizes that the potential outsider plays at the hosts’ level and even surpasses the opponent in some moments. When this occurs, it is best not to complain about luck, but try to minimize the loss. In this case, it is important to wait for good odds and bet on the guests.

Bets hedging strategies

In practice, bettors use several gambling strategies based on hedging the wagers. One of the most common is the First goal method. Its point is to bet on the individual total of one of the teams over 1.5. After the selected team scores, you need to bet on the individual total under 1.5 in live mode. As such, regardless of the number of goals scored, the bettor will break even, and may even achieve a small gain.

Another type of hedging which is also popular is against a draw strategy. This option allows you to remain a winner in the long run.

Bookmakers’ insurance

Some bookmakers offer insurance against loss of funds in case of a bet loss. Before taking advantage of this opportunity, however, you should consider some features:

  • Bettors can insure any type of bet, except for systems. Straights and parlays can be insured.
  • The player can choose on his own what percentage of the lost bet will be refunded. He can set the amount of the refund both at the level of 10% of the bet amount and for the entire bet as well.

The option of being insured against probable loss is charged separately. The amount to be paid depends on the odds. The higher the odds, the more you have to pay for loss insurance.

The purpose of using this option is to save the pot funds. Its main disadvantage is that when the funds are refunded to the account, it is not the entire bet amount that is returned, but a significantly smaller portion.

Professional players never buy 100% insurance right away. If a game on the football field doesn’t unfold according to your predictions, it is better to purchase 10% or 30% insurance initially. It is possible to add it if necessary.

Although insurance is a good way to compensate for possible losses, it should not be abused. Don’t use it for every bet, since, in doing so, the player voluntarily gives the bookmaker his margin and gives away part of his profit.

It is recommended to use the bet insurance option only when the situation on the field does not meet one’s expectations. In this case, it is advisable to use this option so as not to incur a loss and break even.

A bookmaker may set inappropriate odds in the line. In this case, by hedging a bet, you can increase your loss even more. With low odds, players prefer to take risks and do not try to close the bet, so as not to aggravate the situation. In this case, you have to watch the game and the odds changes, because there is always a chance for a turning point.