Do you want to win something free? There are many new competitions and free giveaways that you can join and win something costly without paying any single penny?

These free competitions are of different sizes and shapes; unlike the free sample giveaway, it requires some luck, and there are some tricks that you can apply to win!

Today in this article, we will discuss everything related to win free stuff, freebies. Now, the question is where you can find free stuff and what kind of websites are there to offer the free stuff.


You can flick through your favourite magazines and newspapers and visit their website. Join the competitions and win many prizes for free.

Social media

You can visit different social media handles of different kinds of brands to see whether they are offering something free.


You can also get notifications in email newsletters. Major brands and companies send exclusive giveaway offers in email newsletters.


You can also get ideas about freebies on the packaging of anything like something that you have bought recently.

There are many ways to enter the free competition and free giveaways. These competitions include free instant wins there are also some other kinds of a website where you can play some games, and there are prizes that you get at the end of the competition. There are also Twitter hashtag retweets and follow competition where you will get something after you do a little bit of commercializing of the brand. Visit fabfreebies to win amazing freebies and giveaways. All for free!

Win free stuff on websites

Almost all the brands and companies run their commercial campaigns on their website, and most of the companies around the globe have their own websites. These companies offer a wide range of giveaways and freebies on the website to draw the attention of the public towards their website. There are thousands of new competitions and giveaways every day because there are thousands of companies around the world. To increase the chance of winning, you can enter more than ten competitions a day.

Social media

You can also use social media to get freebies. Social media has become one of the most powerful places for companies and users. There are not only brands that are giving a different type of giveaways and freebies and on their social media pages, but you can also follow different supermarkets and stores and local corner shops. They also give a lot of your favorite products, hampers, and free things.


Most of the companies use Twitter as their free giveaway tool. You can search for a different type of hashtags like #freebefriday #rttowin. There are different campers that you need to follow. You need to follow the contests and retweet the requested words. Make sure that you retweet the original tweets of brands. If the contest is a type of caption for a picture or other contest, make sure that you are writing the right spelling of the hashtag.


Various companies also held the competition on the platform of Facebook. The Facebook competitions are mostly similar to those of Twitter. These campaigns usually include two-three things; one thing is to like the brand’s page and then share their campaign and comment on the post. Sometimes there is a kind of form on the brand’s page; you have to fill that form in submit and wait to see whether you win the prize or not.


Brands ask users to post the pictures on their Instagram handle in the status. People become part of brands’ campaigns and then post a picture and tagging the relevant brand; sometimes, a brand also required to add the hashtag to your post. If the brand does not ask for an original photo, they may ask for an edited photo. You have to post that photo on your profile and then add the brand’s hashtag to your post.


Pinterest is still considered a new platform, but a different competition is held on this platform. It is worth getting on this platform and swipe prizes if you are currently using Pinterest. Pinterest involves different types of campaigns like creating a board or reposting an image on your own board profile to get enrolled in any competition being held. You have to search the word competition on google. Suppose you are worried that someone may copy your board and try to steal your freebie, your giveaway, or prize. You can set your board to private until you submit it. Isn’t it exciting? It is. Give it a try today.

Email and newsletters

A lot of famous brands are their competitions exclusively through their email newsletters. If you think that you’ll love a brand and you need a brand free you should go to their website and enter your email over there. When there is a freebie competition, they will exclusively inform you through an email newsletter.

What are magazine competitions?

There are various types of competition: the daily competition on newspapers and magazines is known as magazine competitions. It includes low price and high price magazine. There are certain offers in these papers and magazines. Sometimes, there are puzzles to solve. It would be best if you did all this for a freebie competition win without paying anything, then you will when one.

TV and radio

This is quite tricky, but you can win many prizes on television and radio. If you search for different google competitions, you should go for the website that provides you information about the competition on television and radio.

The length of competitions

Some competitions are short-living and announce their winners instantly, but some competitions are time taking, and they announce their winners after 5 to 10 days.


There are many ways to get free stuff, freebies, and giveaways. The popular ways include following the social media handles and winning by completing a project. If you want to win a freebie Uk or free prizes, you must follow the above-given methods. Thank you for reading the article.