Homeowners might find themselves in need of selling their properties because of one reason or another. Whenever one makes this decision, they can either use a realtor, online property portals, quick house sale companies or decide to hold the sale themselves. Whichever way you go with this, you should know some key things that can help your realtor, quick house sale company, or yourself make a property sale.

The reason to make a quick sale is to reduce the stress involved with slower sales, avoid undervaluing a property to do away with it, and avoid unnecessary costs. To avoid all of the above reasons, you will have to stage your house for the online portal pictures and the physical buyer tours as illustrated below.

Proper pricing

Homeowners and realtors ought to carefully analyze the real estate market and the suitable price of the house. In the case of an overvalued property, the realtor and homeowner experience low demand. It is since it doesn’t meet the requirements for the high price according to the potential buyers. On the other hand, in an undervalued house, potential buyers will see this as a signal of a house in poor condition thus needing a lot of repairs.

Beautifying the exterior

The first thing that potential buyers see when scouting for houses is the home exterior. An unkempt lawn, deck, or backyard may at times make a buyer seek another place. For the front entryway, the homeowner should install neutral-colored sidings. There should also be a flower bed near the entrance. The tall plants are at the corners of the house and the short ones in front of your porch. For tall plants, ensure you select a plant that matures at approximately 4ft at the highest to ensure it doesn’t block your natural lighting.

When taking care of the lawn, ensure it has clear-cut edges showing the start of your flower beds, driveway way, and the entrance path. The lawn should always be maintained at a good height and kept green. Ensure to include directional lighting to illuminate your flower beds and walkway giving it a modern feeling.

For the backyard, the homeowner can decide to add an outside kitchen in the backyard porch for when the family can have friends over for an outdoor meal. An extra-large hammock and fire pit swings will also add value to the home’s backyard. Do not forget to add something for the kids, and a ground trampoline or some swing sets will be a good choice. Having dealt with the functional part, the homeowner can have a well-kept flower bed, a green and highly maintained lawn, and ground-level lights (that is up lighting) to increase the aesthetic value of the backyard.

Living room update

Once the buyers enter your house first thing they see is the living room. Make sure that it has a homey feeling. You can do this by ensuring that the floor carpet is clean and in good condition, there is plenty of natural light and the presence of a few couch blankets. In case you have a pet, make sure that it is not around when buyers are touring. The homeowner should clean the walls and that the furniture is arranged in a way that ensures the traffic is flowing.

Kitchen remodeling

This is the most important part of the house when staging the home. The homeowner should ensure that the kitchen appliances are up to date, the flooring is in good condition, the faucets and sink are replaced necessarily. Another thing the homeowner can do is to modernize the kitchen countertops and cabinets.

The kitchen should have good lighting and be fresh at all times. You can add character by displaying a bowl of fruits on the kitchen counter and having a cute utensils holder. When displaying things on the kitchen counter, be careful not to leave a lot of things out because it will give the impression that there is minimal space.

Bathroom updating

Give your bathroom a heavenly or spa feeling by adding beautiful scents like vanilla and having a well-organized sink area. The realtor can suggest the homeowner add shelves that can hold a piece of art and towel, throw in a fresh coat of paint, and having clean bathroom mats and shower curtains.

Depersonalizing of bedrooms

Besides ensuring that the bedrooms are clean and are small heaven, the closets are a third empty to give an illusion of a huge space, the homeowner should ensure to remove the personal items like family photos, the blanket that grandma knitted for the kids. This is done so that the buyers can feel like they are at their own homes.

Creating a huge storage space

Most homeowners want huge storage space. To ensure this one should sell all items that they don’t need and get rid of the items that are not functioning. The storage space should also be neatly arranged and have enough lighting.


We have seen that to ensure that one has a quick property sale house; the homeowner should upgrade/repair their house and ensure that they set a good market price on their homes. The homeowner should also declutter their storage unit and depersonalize the home but making sure they do not remove character while doing so.