Quarantine proved that making money on the Internet is not a myth, not a fairy tale, and not an opportunity only for the elite, freelancers. This is an opportunity for everyone who has at least some hard and soft skills. But while some earn little money, grabbing for any part-time jobs, others have chosen a more profitable path. Casinos are recognized as one of the fastest ways to make real money, for example, in  newonline-casinos.co.uk , you can multiply your money hundreds of times in just one day. To do this, register on the casino website and select your favorite gambling game.

Affiliate programs

It’s important to say right away that affiliate programs are not network marketing. These two activities are similar, but affiliate programs are easier and more convenient to work with.

You don’t need to develop a personal brand, write motivational posts on social networks, how you earned $ 10,000 in a week, and how much you love your company. To successfully organize passive income at home using affiliate programs, it is important to know the basic tools for driving traffic from different channels: social networks, other sites, instant messengers.

Selling design templates is one of the easiest ways to make money at home

The essence of this earnings at home is to make a template for some kind of design product. It is important because you can simply download it, edit only the text and, for example, the color scheme, and use it. So you solve the problem of those customers who need it quickly, urgently, and inexpensively, without losing them (especially if you have a high average check for services), and they save money. You can create landing pages, online stores, resumes, etc.

What is important to know? If you don’t know anything about web programming, then you won’t be able to make money right away. Those who create templates have high design requirements. And if you are ok with such hard skills, feel free to try.

How much can you earn? It very much depends on what business topic the product is to be made for, how many solutions are inside it, what the design looks like, how well the work is “packaged”, etc. But it is quite possible to reach an income of $ 200 per month.

Playing in a casino: use only proven strategies

Gambling is often mistaken for a false method of earning money. This myth is refuted every minute by hundreds of thousands of players around the world who earn millions of dollars in online casinos with gambling sites not on gamstop.  This way of earning depends on your casino playing skills, the number of bonuses and lucrative offers of the gaming platform, and luck.

To start playing at any online casino, you need to create an account. After confirming your account, fund your deposit account. Then choose the slot, roulette, or card games you like and start making money.

Buying shares

Long-term shares are those that are purchased for at least a couple of years (2-5-10 years). You buy them and do not touch this time at all. Typically, such stocks do not have strong jumps in price (up to 1%). You can’t earn a lot on them at once, they grow gradually, slowly, that’s why they are bought for a long time. From the pros – you are unlikely to lose the money invested, but you will earn more than from a bank deposit.

There are also stocks where there are sharp jumps in price. For example, a stock is worth $ 200 today and $ 350 tomorrow. But the opposite effect also works – from $ 200, $ 100 may remain. Speculators make money on such stocks (they buy cheap, sell more expensive within a couple of days, making money on the difference). But this is no longer about passive income. It is important to understand analytics here, to be able to notice the peak points in the value of stocks and foresee their fall, plus be constantly involved in it.

Selling photos and illustrations on photo stocks

A method that is suitable not only for photographers. It is suitable for content makers, SMM specialists, illustrators, designers, and creative people for whom photography and design is a hobby.

Why is this way of making money at home good? It is enough to take a high-quality photo, process it, sign it correctly (according to SEO principles), place it, set a competitive price. We do the same with illustrations and mockups. Then you just get your commission for the sale when your work arrives.

How much can you earn on this? The scheme often works here – the more products, the higher the earnings. Earnings can be either $ 10-20 or $ 500-1000 +.

Creation and sale of your intellectual product

In this case, it is better to develop inexpensive products – guides, checklists, how-tos, etc. Something that costs little and something that can be quickly and easily put into practical use. Such products take a little time (less than courses, webinars), provided that you have a lot of knowledge on this topic.

What’s cool about this method? This is an opportunity to constantly have a good income and earnings at home. You can create a guide from scratch in 1-2 weeks, make the design yourself, save on the services of a proofreader. That is, you can do without investment if you do not count the time spent on creation and packaging.

How much can you earn? The number very much depends on where you sell, how the sales funnel is built, and whether you have a loyal audience. If everything is ok with these 3 factors, sales can even be measured in millions of dollars.

So what’s the bottom line?

As you can see, even to ensure yourself a normal passive income, nothing will come of it. First, you will have to work a lot, build a structure, think over the mechanics, and only then get minimally involved in the processes. But it’s worth it!