How to Choose Right Phonics Books for 5 Year Olds

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Teaching phonics is full of challenges for many parents, so in order to make it fun it is essential to know how to teach it right. Using good material, interesting activities and by putting school and home on the same page, you will manage to develop and increase your child’s interest in learning to read.

The internet is full of various stuff which makes the learning process challenging. For this it is essential to research properly to find out the most trustworthy source. You can join  the world’s first truly joined-up reading club The Bear Can Read and your children will get the wonder-working tool kit they need for developing their skills.

Well, while looking for phonics books for 5 year olds, there are some tips that you can take into consideration. Here are some:

1.  Choose a Book that is a Good Fit for the Child

In order to make the learning process effective, it is essential to grow your little one’s interest and include them to the process. For this there are many interesting books with their favorite characters and illustrations. Try to take one that will be both for effective learning and will entertain them. 

2.  Take into Consideration the Reading Level

There are a bundle of books and activities for learning phonics, however, choosing books that will be relevant to your child’s reading level is essential for giving the child the needed amount of information. If you manage to find a well-fitting  book for your child you will take the first important step for your child’s learning process.

3.  Spread the Joy

Reading is fun however, it can become really boring for the beginner if you do not make it interesting. For this you need to concentrate that the books include different activities for making reading fun instead of frustrating. The way they start the learning process can make them bookworms later.

4.  Choose Books that will Keep your Child’s Interest.

No one knows better your little one than yourself. Going hand in hand with school is important, however, you can add some personalized approach including your child’s favorite characters in the reading process. Support your child’s reading success by asking questions and making discussions with them. By this, you can bring interest and focus and support your little one.

5.  Have a Look to Make Sure it Goes well with your Child Age

Your child is just having the first steps to the reading world and has its own imagination. So, giving the importance to age will help your child improve their reading skills by enjoyment. Books that are for older children might bring some challenges which may discourage them.

  • Make Sure the Book Provide with Targeted Practice

Each stage has its own reading challenges, so make sure the book concentrates and easily finds solutions to the issues that your little one may face when learning to read. Books with a proper approach can make the process exciting.


If you are someone who has to put the reading beginner to the right path, then make sure you make proper choices, as they can directly influence the child’s attitude towards reading. Teaching phonics is the most important part of the learning process, so the way you help children practice can either make fun for them or bring a number of difficulties. 

Give the right reading support with the help of a professional approach, interesting activities and reading material.  Discover the most effective solutions that you can help your child’s learning at home with the help of a professional guide and book clubs. Your decision can really make a change.