With so many new advancements in technology coming around all the time and access to an abundance of research, the marijuana industry is very different today compared to how it was in the past when most people did not have access to it while the few who did need it had to have a condition and a medical marijuana card to purchase it.

Nowadays there are a multitude of different methods of consumption as opposed to just smoking a joint like the good old days, and not only this, but they are also readily available for anyone of legal age to purchase (given the country or state has legalised recreational marijuana). Before this, it was a simple matter of choosing the best marijuana for you and the right strain. Now it’s all down to choosing what method of consumption. Whether your preferred method is oral, inhalation, edible, or even topical, you need to choose what product if most suited to you.

If you are not familiar with the industry and all the new methods of consumption and different accessories available, choosing might not be so easy, so here is how you can pick a product to consume marijuana.

Understand the different methods

These days, with so many advancement in technology, and no many new products being developed, there are now a plethora of different products to choose from which all allow for different methods of consumption of marijuana. The range of methods of marijuana use goes from typical, standard inhalation delivery, to oral delivery, and even topical delivery. The inhalation method will allow you to feel affects much faster, the oral methods will allow you to feel the effects much stronger, and the topical methods allow to the user to directly target their area of problem and solve the issue quickly.

Within the different delivery methods, there are different product and accessories to make use of. Inhalation delivery methods offer the standard joint, as well as vaporisers like the Storz & Bickel available from many physical and online retailers, such as Smoke Cartel. There are also bongs, and dab rigs which all make use of smoking through vapour. Oral delivery methods include, food safe things such as tinctures, edibles and ingestible oils. Lastly, topical delivery methods include, products such as moisturiser, oils, and gels that are absorbed through the skin.

Dry herb vaporizers

Recently, one of the most popular methods to consume marijuana has become through inhalation delivery making use of a dry herb vaporizer. It is not considered the most popular method of smoking weed and this is all down to its convenience as well as other factors such it its ability to be easily transported and concealed.

Dry herb vaporizers are essentially just regular vaporisers, in that they make use of vapour when inhaling, but instead of using vape juice of oils, you just use the actual herb itself. Dry herb vaporisers work by heating up the chamber where the herb is placed to extreme temperature which allows for the cannabinoid compound to evaporate into a vapour that is inhaled. There are two different methods of heating, conduction and convection. Chambers that make use of conduction heating are typically quite a bit cheaper, but this comes at the expense of ease of use. The herb is heated through a heated plate at the bottom meaning that the heating is not even and there for needs to be stirred. Convection, although quite a bit pricier, heats the chamber with hot hair that circulates evenly throughout making it much easier to use.

Why are you using it?

When choosing the best product for you to use when consuming marijuana, it is important to know why you are using it and what you want out of it. Consider if you want long or short lasting effects, fast acting, or even if you are using it for medical reasons.

If you are wanting fast acting effects, it is best to go for inhalation methods. Typically you will feel something within 20 minutes or so. If you are looking to feel the effects much more, then your best bet would be to go for an edible. Not only will you feel the high for much longer, but it will also be much more intense. Lastly, if you are looking to just it for medicinal purposes, or if you are considering CBD products, it would be best to look into having a topical consumption method. This way you won’t feel any kind of high but still reap all of the benefits it has to offer.